Where To Travel Next?

These are the places I want to travel next.

– I have a standing date to spend July-Sept each year in NYC.

– I’m hankering to do a self-guided falafel eating tour of Israel.

– I want to go back to Thailand or Vietnam and hire a personal cook to make me yummy vegan food. Someone who I can follow around the market and learn from.

– I want to use my tent and my folding bike more (not necessarily together).

– Beans, tortillas, and beaches are some of my favorite things so Mexico’s Caribbean Coast is high on my list.

– I’ve aged out of most of the Working Holiday visas available to me (I used a Grandparent Ancestry Visa to move to the UK), but I still have time to apply for the Canadian Working Visa, which I can get up to age 35.

– I’ve been to Russia in Winter but I want to go back in Spring/Summer

– Some other places on my wish list below

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    Come visit Mexico!! We are sure you’ll have tons of fun! :)))

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