Where to Head to from Orlando Airport

Disney World Florida

Orlando International Airport is one of America’s major international hubs. There are often great flight deals into Orlando, and it’s a fun destination for international and domestic visitors.

Here’s an orientation to things you can do in the Orlando area.

Disney World

Most new arrivals at Orlando Airport will head straight to Walt Disney World. At 44 square miles in size, a big Disney fan could spend weeks within the four major subdivisions of this theme park, The Magic Kingdom, Epcot, Hollywood Studios and The Animal Kingdom respectively. At only 20 miles away from Orlando International Airport, it can take less than half an hour to immerse oneself in the magic of Disney after clearing customs.

Beyond Disney

While Walt Disney World might be the most famous attraction in Orlando, visitors with time to visit two themes parks can consider Universal Studios. It’s also 20 miles away from the airport, provides entertainment for all ages, and has an assortment of rollercoaster rides.

Further afield, you might also visit Daytona Beach, the Kennedy Space Centre, or even drive all the way to the Everglades National Park.

Along with various public transportation options, many of the major car rental companies provide vehicles from the airport itself, and a whole range of options are available. A small, fuel-efficient car might be best for a single traveller who intends to explore the highways of Florida, whilst a sturdier SUV might be more appropriate for those who will be looking to do some off-roading! Private transport is the best option to see all of the sights available in and around Florida’s capital of tourism.

Being Florida, there are lots of golf courses in the Orlando area. The year round warm weather in Florida makes spending the day on the gold course always an attractive option in Spring, Winter, and Fall. If some of your family aren’t super interested in theme parks, the offer of some days golfing might tempt them into taking the trip.

Those craving some beach time have lots of options. However, take care not to show up to the Daytona beach area in late February and expect to find a hotel room. The Daytona 500, the most prestigious NASCAR race is held then and the area will be overbooked.

Visitors who are keen for some independent adventure can take the four hour trip down south to Everglades National Park, and enjoy a day on an airboat looking out for alligators. Start learning what the Everglades has to offer and get visit planning info at official National Park Service site.

Kennedy Space Center ACES suitup demo

Closer to the airport and themeparks, Kennedy Space Centre is only an hour’s drive away, and serves as an educational but exciting visit which adults and children alike will enjoy. In essence, Orlando airport serves as a gateway to hundreds of superb tourist experiences, from theme parks, to wilderness, to education and relaxation.

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