What’s Good About Coming Home

vegan fruit crumble

We’ve been home for a month now. Here’s what we’re loving.

1. Our family, of course.

2. I’ve really missed having a full pantry and being able to cook or bake, without necessarily going out to find missing ingredients. Above is a vegan nectarine and raspberry crumble I just made in all of 5 minutes from the fruit I happened to have on hand.

3. Easy laundry.

OMG being able to just dump clothes in the washing machine without needing to walk 15 mins to a laundrymat is SOO freakin nice.

4. Driving places without Google Maps.

Being able to just jump in the car and instinctively know what routes I need to take is very relaxing. I used to not enjoy driving in Christchurch but it’s very chill compared to LA’s crazy giant freeways.

5. Eating simple foods.

Dang McCains seasoned oven fries are good. I can’t tell you how many bowls I’ve had of these since I got back. While traveling I don’t tend to buy these kinds of foods since it seems like I should try more of the foods that happen to be available wherever I am. I’d feel pretty weird eating oven fries in NYC, especially since it’s usually very unclear if an apartment oven has been used in the last decade.

What do you love about coming home?

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