What is a Podcast?

Podcast Basics

A podcast is a series of media files (mine are mp3s) that are released episodically.

They’re like a recording of a radio show that you can download to your computer.

You can play podcasts directly on your computer or on any device that will play an mp3 file (e.g. your ipod or iphone).

Why Listen To Podcasts?

Podcasts provide great entertainment for while you’re exercising or commuting.

Is it free?

Yes, the 30Traveler podcast is free. Most podcasts are free.

How Do I Find Out When a New Episode is Available?

If you use itunes, you can subscribe to the 30Traveler podcast in itunes (still free).

Listen to 30Traveler in itunes

Not an itunes user? – You can download or listen direct on 30Traveler.com

You can sign up to be alerted by email when a new 30Traveler podcast episode is available.

Subscribe to the 30Traveler Blog and Travel Podcast
– Do this via email
– Or is also available via RSS.

Or just the 30Traveler Podcast
– Do this via email
– Or is also available via RSS.

All back episodes are also available for direct download or listen on 30Traveler.com

What about video podcasts?

Some people create video podcasts but most are audio only.

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