6 Vintage Travel Ideas To Appeal to Your Inner Hippie


1. Car camping.

Car camping can be extremely comfortable. Look for GREAT deals on luxury, multi-room style tents on Amazon or other overstock type sites. Get a gas burner/hob (cheap). You could even a camping mini-fridge if you want to go that far.

With this set up, you can be as comfortable camping as you’d be in a motel. You don’t need to deal with carrying heavy gear and you don’t need to deal with cooking on lightweight camping stoves.

If you’ve got a week, consider going to a campground you can drive to and “setting up camp.” For a classic New Zealand experience, I can highly recommend Totoranui campground in Abel Tasman National Park (run by New Zealand’s Department of Conservation). Avoid the New Zealand summer school holidays (late Dec through the end of Jan) and you’ll have a great experience.

2. The big group trip.

Anyone who grew up in New Zealand (and I assume it’s the same in other countries) went on school camps involving staying at “a wilderness lodge” and going on orienteering expeditions. Why not try a grown up version of this. You can usually rent the same accommodation when school groups aren’t using it. It’s like having the run of a hostel completely to yourself. Take a big group of friends and plan a tame (e.g., ghost stories, hiking) or debaucherous trip however you roll.

3. Caravaning

Caravans are the units you tow behind your car (unlike motorhomes which are all-in-one). Caravans are still hugely popular in places like New Zealand and the UK.

It can be nice to have your living space separate from your driving space, and you may be able to find a great deal on buying a caravan vs. renting a motorhome. Check out the Caravan Club if you’re planning a European tour and need insurance or trip planning tips.

5. Weekend workshops.

When I was little my Mum used to go to weekend workshops held in the biggest city closest to us. The workshops were held at a convent that had lots of individual rooms for extra guests but the topics weren’t particularly catholic – they were things like Myers Briggs and Enneagram Personality System.

6. Luxury train trips.

If you want to capture some of the golden age of travel, you could consider taking a luxury train trip. The Man In Seat 61 is considered the foremost expert on train travel. Here are his top 5 recommended luxury train trips. The list includes trips in South Africa, South East Asia, Europe, India, and Scotland.

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