Vegan Travel Snacks

The hardest thing about traveling as a vegan is eating on the go. Here are some ideas for vegan travel snacks that will help you avoid becoming so cranky from hunger that it ends up ruining your vacation.

1. Sachets of peanut butter.

On long haul flights when I’ve ordered a vegan meal, I’ve had times it has either not arrived or not been vegan.

Solution: Every time I fly long haul, I take a stack of peanut butter sandwiches. Once you get to your destination, it’s usually best to travel with single serve peanut butter sachets (since peanut butter should be refrigerated once opened).

Don’t: try to take a jar peanut of peanut butter through TSA – they consider it a gel. I lost a jar of peanut butter thanks to San Francisco TSA. :(

pics peanut butter new zealand sugar free
The best peanut butter in New Zealand – Pic’s (It’s also sugar free).

2. Hummus – Do internet research before you travel to find supermarkets or mini supermarkets near top attractions.

Hummus is a great high protein snack that is sold at many supermarkets and mini supermarkets across the world. If you research in advance, you can often find centrally located supermarkets or mini supermarkets in close proximity to the top attractions you’ll be visiting.

3. Vegan chocolate.

Vegan chocolate is a nobrainer in any vegan travel snacks repertoire – unless you’re traveling in a hot country. Even in cooler countries, don’t leave it in the bottom of your bag or you risk ending up with chocolate soup all over your stuff. Yes this has happened to me – twice (once in my purse and once in my daypack). If you identify a vegan chocolate that’s common in the country you’re traveling in, you’ll usually be able to pick it up from convenience stores when you want to eat it.

Whittaker's Vegan Chocolate New Zealand.
Whittaker’s Vegan Chocolate – New Zealand.

4. Tropical fruit e.g., mangoes.

Eating tropical fruit is a great way to stay full and stay hydrated. You can often buy it already cut up, but to save cash, take a knife and buy it at the market.

mango tree tonga
In Tonga, I achieved my bucket list item of eating a mango directly of the tree.

5. Plain rice.

If you can’t find anywhere that serves vegan food, you can order plain rice. If you’re embarrassed, you can always tell them you’re not feeling well and want something to settle your stomach. I’ve done this. When my carnivore partner is ordering food from restaurants, I often ask for a takeway container of rice. I’m not a huge fan of white rice at home, but it seems to hit the spot on sun, sand, and sea holidays.

6. Vegan crackers or cookies.

Again do your pre-trip research so you can try local brands that are vegan. Grainy vegan crackers make great vegan travel snacks because you can top them with peanut butter or hummus when you can’t find vegan bread. Sweet cookies are a good alternative to chocolate because they don’t melt.

7. Dairy Free Ice Cream.

You can find sometimes find vegan ice cream being marketed as “dairy free” to cater to people with dairy allergies. Or, in Thailand you can find ice cream made with coconut milk. Do your internet research for the destination you’re going to. If Google is failing you, try directly reaching out to a local vegan from the country you’re visiting and ask them what the options are for things like vegan ice cream. It’s a fun way to try local products. In New Zealand, you can buy a chocolate soy ice cream made by So Good (non-GMO). You’ll find it in the bigger supermarkets. It only comes in 1 liter tubs but is still worth it if two people will be eating it.

Vegan travelers – What are your favorite vegan travel snacks? Leave a comment!


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    Ooo reading this article makes me hungry and home sick! Couldn’t agree more with the peanut butter and vegan chocolate. When I can find it, I also travel with vegemite or marmite- love the stuff! I’ve eaten dragon fruit straight from the tree in Vietnam, that was pretty magical! I’ve been compiling my own list of vegan travel snacks, so watch this space!

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    I’m so glad I found your site! I’m home for the holidays but when I return to China I will be eating a plant based diet. I’ve been a little worried about how to do it and haven’t found enough travel / vegan blogs. So I can’t wait to explore your site more. These are great snack tips!

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    I’m completely addicted to hummus and chocolate! I haven’t tried using rice as a snack, though.

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    Hi Andrea, thanks for commenting. I have liked your blog FB page and followed you on Twitter. :)

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