5 Vegan or Very Vegan-Friendly Restaurants for Your Vegan Restaurant Bucket List

Non-vegans often have restaurants like Per Se or the French Laundry on their bucket list. This is my current vegan restaurant bucket list. I like to mix high and low budget travel styles and you’ll see that reflected in this list.

Vedge – Upscale vegan. – Philadelphia.

Our friend Kristin from Will Travel for Vegan Food declares Vedge Restaurant her all-time favorite vegan restaurant and she has visited almost very vegan restaurant in the US.

See our interview with Kristin for more recommendations.

vedge best vegan restaurant in america

Veggie Grill – It’s like the vegan version of In and Out Burger

Their vegan cheeseburger is so delicious, and they have a location right by LAX. See my review. I always make a stop here when I’m in LA.

veggie grill vegan nachos los angeles

Vertical Diner in Salt Lake City – Utah

I don’t automatically think great vegan food when I think SLC but check out this deliciousness.

vertical diner SLC

The Departure Restaurant and Lounge – Portland

The Departure in Portland is upscale Asian with a vegan menu (not a vegan restaurant but they list their extensive vegan menu on their site). They also have vegan desserts that include PISTACHIO KULFI (vanilla kumquat, candied pistachio, cardamom), ASIAN PEAR, GINGER & CRANBERRY CRISP candied walnut ice cream, CHOCOLATE & CURRY PEANUT BAR (passion fruit caramel, puffed rice, mango sorbet), and SPICED COCONUT TAPIOCA (compressed pineapple, cilantro mandarin gastrique, coconut ice).

departure restaurant portland vegan menu

Chaa Creek – Belize

Chaa Creek is an upscale resort in Belize that also has a vegan-friendly restaurant that is open to the public.

They do a vegan version of Enchiladas Mole with Black Beans (I haven’t been here but I have seen the recipe for this dish and it sounds incredible!) For dessert they offer a tofu-based Chocolate and Banana Cream tart. Ooom ooom ooom. This place sounds like a great choice if you’re planning a destination wedding or honeymoon and want somewhere vegan friendly.


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    Thanks for the suggestion Mariana!

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    Thanks! I have some vegetarians and vegans following my food blog, and I think they’ll appreciate this. Passing it along.

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    We tried In&Out first time in Hollywood last year, I would never of considered a vegan burger, but it actually looks yum :D

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    That all looks great – and I love that one restaurant’s name is Vedge. Makes me smile. …last night for dinner, by the way, I made root vegetables with fennel, cumin, garlic and ginger. My older daughter said it looked and smelled like a vegetarian threw up. THANKS, KID.

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    Thanks Talon!

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    Cool list. Made me HUNGRY. I’m not vegan either, but seem to be steadily moving in that direction. Thanks for the inspiration!

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    Two words…Cafe Gratitude in LA. I’m not vegan or veg but I’m in love with this vegan spot!!

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    oh my gosh you made me SO hungry! i know there’s a vegan place in minneapolis that i loved – trying to remember the name. great resource here!

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    I like vegan food every now and then because it means trying out vegies and grains I wouldn’t normally eat. These meals all look yum!

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    I have to say I am gravitating towards Veganism more and more each day. I struggle with dairy and wheat already and meat gives my tummy a little battering each time I eat it. If I could eat like this everyday I’d switch right now!

    Thanks for sharing!

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    neither of us are vegan but all of these dishes look absolutely delicious. any recommendations in new york city?

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    Lots of vegan and vegetarian restaurants here in Northern California. A couple of favorites are Andy Nguyen’s in sacramento for vegan Vietnamese food and of course Greens in San Francisco.

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    Make sure you research it if you do. I’m careful about taking the right supplements to stay healthy. :)

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    So I am anything but vegan ( although I don’t eat red meat ) but based on the looks of things perhaps I should broaden my horizons. If you’re ever in San Francisco, check out the vegan donuts from Pepples Donuts inside the Ferry Building. Amazing!

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    What a great list! Makes me want to know about other vegan restaurants. I’m not vegan, but vegan food is often awesome, and makes you feel so good.

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    I like vegan restaurants in moderate doses — but I really like Candle on Manhattan’s Upper West Side, particularly the homemade ginger ale.

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    not sure i should reading this right now. i’m so hungry. it all looks FANTASTIC!

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