Vegan in Paris

This is a guide to the Ultimate 3 Days in Paris for Vegans. This is Day 3. Go here for Day 1.

Cheap Bike Rental Paris, Velib stations are everywhere. Pick up at one station and drop off at another.

Day 3: Sunday

It’s your last day in Paris. It’s bitter sweet!

On Sundays some of Paris’s streets are closed to cars. It’s the perfect day to explore by bike. Paris’s city bike program is called Velib.

Rent a bike at a Velib station and cruise down the avenue Voie Georges Pompidou along the right bank of the Seine.

Alternatively, take your pick of the other bike route recommendations mentioned in the comments of this trip advisor thread, by user “phread” (Comment 5). In general, Paris’s roads are very quiet on Sunday mornings, so head out early to enjoy a peaceful ride and make the most of your last day.

Even on short trips, on my last day in a city I usually want to revisit my favorite restaurants rather than try new ones. I like to eat dinner once I’ve checked in for my flight so I’d probably grab a falafel from the Marais and take it to the airport. Tahini soaked pita is still pretty darn delicious. Since we only did brunch at Gentle Gourmet Cafe yesterday, I’m pretty sure I’d be heading back to Gentle Gourmet Cafe today to try more of their menu.

Take the RER train back to the airport for your evening flight home. Don’t feel too sad, you’ll always have Paris!

Start reading again at Day 1 of Paris’s Best Vegan Restaurants.

photo credit: Gwenaël Piaser via photopin cc

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