Vegan Guide to Liverpool


1. Taking the Train from London to Liverpool is Quicker Than Driving

Liverpool is located North West of London, near Manchester (combining the two cities makes sense).

The train takes around 2 hours 8 minutes. Driving takes around 3 1/2 to 4 hours.

The trains leave from London’s Euston Station.

Trains are very frequent.

If you’re on a tight budget, Megabus is another option. For hotels, try Liverpool Hotels.

If you do want to drive, driving in the UK is easy.

2. Liverpool has a good vegan scene.

The UK is generally very vegan friendly (much more so than Australia and New Zealand). Liverpool is no exception. There’s a website for vegetarians and vegans in Liverpool called

3. For Vegan Breakfast

Even though it’s called “Egg Cafe” you can get a great vegan breakfast. They also sell vegan cakes. (not completely vegan but very vegan friendly).

Around 10 minutes from the station, so a great first stop when you get off the train.

4. If you’re in town on Saturday afternoon, this vegan cafe is only open Saturdays 12-5. If you’re keen to meet local activist types, then it’s a good bet.

5. Try Mello Mello Vegetarian Cafe and Music Venue

This place has vegan options (including baked good. Hooray!). They also have some gluten free options. You can ask them specific questions if you have them via their Facebook page.

6. Vegan Self-Catering Options

Mainstream British supermarkets (and mini-supermarkets) all have lots of clearly marked vegan options. These include: Tesco, Sainsburys, Marks and Spencer, and Waitrose (my favorite).

You can also try Metta’s in Liverpool for more options (not completely vegetarian). They carry lots of middle eastern foods.

Definitely try Cheezly brand vegan cheese if you’re in the UK. It’s delish. I usually get the “Mature White Chedder” flavor. In Liverpool, it’s carried by H&B stores (several branches) and Windmall Orgnanic Wholefood Store (162 Aigburth Road, Liverpool, L17 7BR 0151 7341919). I would always advise calling ahead before making the trek to find a specific product.

You can get a SIM card for your phone in the UK for around 5 GBP, so it’s easy to make local calls.

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