Vegan Chocolate Mousse Recipe

As I’m preparing to travel for longer periods, I’m attempting to simplify my cooking. I know I won’t have access to a fully stocked pantry while traveling.

This is my four ingredient, super simple, chocolate mousse recipe for 1 piggy person. You can easily increase the quantities for however many servings you need.

Easy Vegan Chocolate Mousse

Vegan Chocolate Mousse Recipe


– 50 grams of dark chocolate (For New Zealanders – I used two x 25g Whittakers Dark Ghanian Sante Bars, the ones with the brown wrappers, 72% cocoa)
– 125 grams firm silken tofu
– 4 tsp agave
– dash of vanilla extract


To melt the chocolate, put a small amount of boiling water in pot. Place a heat proof glass or metal bowl with the chocolate in it on top of the pot. The water shouldn’t touch the bowl. It will take a couple minutes to melt.

Blend melted chocolate with other ingredients in food processor. This doesn’t need to set in the fridge. It will be mousse consistency straight away. It tastes just like the plain chocolate but with a mousse texture. If you like a less strong cocoa flavor, use a chocolate with a lower cocoa percentage.


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    I wonder if I can convince my kids to eat tofu if I do this with it, and then tell them afterwards! It’s worth a shot. We’re supposed to be doing vegetarian paleo, but there’s no way I can pass up tofu. Thanks for sharing!

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    Good luck with vegetarian Paleo Alyson! I will admit to having Googled vegan paleo a few times, but vegan is already pretty restrictive.

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