General website problems

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Listening to Podcasts on

The web is still the wild west and applications are sometimes buggy.

Here are some fixes if you’re having difficulty:

– Click on the title of the blog article that the audio player appears in and then try to play the podcast again.

– If you’re having trouble streaming the podcast (listening on the website itself), try downloading it to your computer and then playing it.

Downloading podcasts via itunes

Try downloading the podcasts direct from instead. They tend to download much quicker.
If your download is still slow – hit pause in your download dialog box and then restart the download.

Transferring the podcast to your ipod or mp3 player so you can listen on the go.

Download the podcast file from or itunes.

Locate the file on your computer. If you’re not sure where it downloaded to, you can open the download dialog box (Ctrl+J in Firefox), click on the file to select it, right click, and select “open file location”.

Select the file. Hit Ctrl+C to copy the file (or right click and select copy)

Connect your mp3 player to your computer.

Find the folder on your mp3 player where your music files are stored.

With that folder open, click somewhere within the folder and hit Ctrl+P to paste (or right click and select paste).

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