First time trying TripIt to manage multi-airline itinerary (free app)

I’ve signed up to TripIt to manage my US trip. Its free and super easy. You can sign up at – takes 3 seconds.

How it works

You just email your flight confirmations to and it compiles them into one timeline.

Puts all the info (e.g. flight and layover durations) into a nice consistent format.

You can make your itinerary public or private.

Also has free mobile apps for iphone, android and blackberry (or just use their website).

Does a bunch of other things but I’m still exploring it.

Other than storing my info in one place and showing it in a consistent format, one feature I especially like is…

for free I can auto feed the info to my Google Calendar and it shows the times based on whatever timezone the calendar is set to (e.g. converts the US times for my US trip to New Zealand time).

Before leaving I can share my calendar with family in New Zealand who will then know what days/times I’m traveling New Zealand time.

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