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We’re traveling in the U.S for 6 months so it is important that we keep a tight reign on our spending. But I realize that not everyone is traveling on a budget. New York is synonymous with style and luxury and splashing out on a top hotel, shopping for famous brands and eating out at world renowned restaurants is how many will want to experience the city. If you are here on your honeymoon or celebrating an important anniversary, penny-pinching could spoil what might be a once in a lifetime experience. Being herded like cattle onto a crowded sight-seeing bus or queuing for hours to get standing room “seats” at a Broadway show may not be how you want to remember your special time in New York!

If money is not a limiting factor (and hopefully one day it wont be for me either :-), this is how would I recommend you treat yourself in New York. On average tourists spend 2.7 nights in NYC, with foreign tourists generally staying a week so I thought I’d give you 7 ideas of luxury things to do in New York.

1. If you haven’t visited NYC before I think doing a tour of the city is a good idea, especially if you are only here for a few days. It allows you to get your bearings and to prioritize what you want to go back and have a closer look at. But as I said above, who wants to be herded around like cattle on a budget sight-seeing bus. Much better to go with a tour company that gives an a la carte service and will tailor a tour to suit you. You’ll receive special insights about the city and visit some of the favorite local sights that the tourist hoards don’t get to see.

2. Why not take an helicopter tour over the city. The views will be spectacular and it will save you from having to queue for rooftop view from the likes of the Empire State or Rockefeller Buildings.

3. Wouldn’t it be great to eat a meal created by one of the world’s top chefs? Here in New York you can reserve seats at restaurants such as Per Se, Aquavit, Aureole, Gotham Bar and Grill and Le Cirque, many whose world-renowned chefs have featured as guest judges on TV’s “Top Chef”.

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4. Indulge yourself by staying at one of Manhattan’s stylish, boutique hotels, most with striking city views and perfectly located for shopping. And at the end of a busy day shopping you can have a relaxing spa within your hotel.

5. Cruise the New York Harbor and/or around Manhattan on a Schooner or a 1920’s style yacht instead of the typical crowded tourist boats. Calypso Cruises and Classic Harbor Line have tours that appeal to me. Their boats are classical in style, don’t carry more than 25-34 people and can be chartered. The later has tours that include brunch and sunset cruises as well as one that highlights the wonderful architecture of the new and old Manhattan skyscrapers.

6. New York is famous for it’s shopping, especially 5th Ave. You’ll find most of the top brand shops like Gucci, Louis Vuitton, Tiffany and Co., Fendi, Abercrombie and Fitch, Rolex, FAO Schwartz Toy Store and the Trump Tower between 500-800 5th Ave. If diamonds and other gems are what you’re after, then 47th St between 5th and 6th Aves is the “mecca” for this.

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7. Central Park is truly the gem at the center of New York. It covers a huge area (840 acres or 3.4 square km). Central Park is luxury that’s free.

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