Travelling With Children to Mauritius

Mauritius beach

Family holidays provide special memories that last a life time. Certainly no one will forget their vacation to the tropical Island of Mauritius, off Africa’s east coast. It is such an exotic and beautiful destination. You won’t have any language barriers either as the locals are multilingual, speaking English, French and Creole, and often more languages. This is a real bonus when you are travelling abroad and helps contribute toward a stress-free holiday. Travelling with children is a challenge, especially if they are younger in age. Here are some tips on how to kick back and enjoy your trip with your children on the beautiful beaches of Mauritius.

– If you can, book a direct flight from the UK to cut down on travel time. 2 airlines fly direct from Heathrow Airport and take about 11-12 hours. Indirect flights usually take 2-3 hours longer. Choose an airline with good in-flight entertainment provided – that will keep the children occupied and quiet.

Mauritius aerial

– Book a package deal that includes all or most meals. Let’s face it, it’s usually Mum that has the the job of planning and providing meals for the family. A package deal gives her a break from all that stress and allows her to take a holiday too.

– Sign the children up to the resort’s kids’programme. The children will socialize with other kids and make lots of new friends. There are so many activities that will keep them occupied and entertained, allowing you time out to relax and do your own thing. Most resorts like to provide a wide range of complimentary water such as windsurfing, snorkelling, kayaking, pedal boats, sailing and glas-bottom boat rides. Free land-based activities may include table tennis, volleyball, petanque, soccer, board games and darts. Most resorts have mountain bikes for hire and some have complimentary tennis too. There is no way the children will get bored! Resorts also provide a babysitting service on request which will allow you one or more night’s out for adult fun.

Mauritius landscape

– Be sure to do some online research about the resorts you are considering. Make sure you look at reviews on Trip Advisor and photos on Flickr. Things to take into consideration are: transfer times from airport to resort; proximity of resort and rooms to the beach; the size and shape of the pool and whether there is a separate children’s pool; what’s on offer in the “kids’ club”; the proximity of resort to local places of interest like historical sites and townships. It’s hard to imagine wanting to take a break from Mauritius’ awesome beaches but if you do it’s good to have a range of other activities and attractions close by. The island is full of mosques, pagodas, and Hindu temples, so venturing out for an educational and cultural experience is definitely something to add to the itinerary. You can also take tours of sugar cane factories, as well as tea factories. You and your kids will enjoy getting a behind-the-scenes perspective of how each of these are made, which is both fun and educational. If you want to you could also take a half day excursion trip to Casela Nature and Leisure Park.

Travelling with kids can be stressful, but it doesn’t have to be. Choosing the right package deal for you takes away most of the stresses of planning an independent family holiday such as organising flights and transfers, planning and providing all the family meals while on holiday, and keeping the children entertained and happy. And there is no better place to take that magical family holiday than the tropical paradise of Mauritius.

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