30s Travel

Travel in Your 20s vs 30s

Key Differences In Travel Style Between Your 30s vs. Your 20s

In Your 20s You…

In Your 30s You…

Can't afford to rent a car.                

Rent cars when convenient.

Wait an hour for a bus to save $4         vs. a cab.

Take the cab.

Stay in dorms.                

Stay in private rooms at hostels.

Skip some $10 activities due to budget.

Don't skip activities due to budget unless they're >$100-200, and you'd rather spend the money on something else.

Treat extra days physically traveling (e.g., long bus rides or layovers) as extra travel time.        

Realize lost income has become the biggest "cost" of travel, more so than the travel itself.

You hit the 'highlights' of the places you visit.

Your travel activities reflect your

own interests more so than what a city is

famous for.

Pay for your flights on your credit card because you don’t have the cash.

Get free miles as credit card sign up bonuses and use your free miles for your flights.

Pack your zip off pants or your grottiest clothes.

Think what’s the point of having nice clothes if you don’t wear them.

Use a backpack.

Use a wheelie bag.






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    Ha ha, so true! Relate and laughed at all of these!

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    THANK YOU Kate – I’ve been feeling old travelling in South America and meeting only youngsters right out of school… This makes me feel much better!! You’re absolutely right, we can make different, and often better, choices at this stage of our lives.

    I am travelling with a backpack… but the thought has crossed my mind that a wheely suitcase would be just as/more practical!!

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    Lol…all if this is true! My time is of so much more value to me and my privacy. Private room an absolutely a must, how about a backpack and a wheely needed, I’ve had my share of being lost on public transpo…so cabbing it! But I actually like public transpo sometimes cause I like to really get a feel of where I am, hang with the locals. Hello…I’m a single woman and I usually travel solo so no grungy clothes over here…clotges, accessories and makeup for every occasion! Trips are just do much better at this age, I do what I enjoy! Pack light and travel hard!

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    Haha this also made me chuckle (using this work you’ll instantly know I am in the 30’s category). Pretty much agree with everything. My travel activities definitely reflect my own interests, I don’t go just for the sake of it being a highlight and I want to wear my good clothes too!

    Private rooms are nice after a long flight but it is nice to stay in a dorm in the nicer hostels as a way to meet people. I do like my own space.

    Good comparison!

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