Travel for Over 65s

We saw all ages walking up Diamond Head (and 3 heavily pregnant women!)

travel for over 65s

Kathryn’s Dad is almost 80 and he’s one of the biggest travel enthusiasts I know so I decided to briefly depart from our 30s travel focus to give some tips for older travelers.

1. If you have young grandchildren, consider going on trips with your children and grandchildren.

Parents sometimes consider bringing their aupair or babysitter on trips, but grandparents make great trip helpers!

For example, having grandparents come along allows parents to have some uninterrupted meals or some nights out. Or, Gran or Grandpa could do breakfast and stories with little kids and let Mum and Dad have a sleep in.

This works best when you rent an apartment as a family. Your kids will just need to rent a slightly larger apartment.

Your accommodation will be paid for, and you or your children might have frequent flyer miles you can use for the flights.

2. Pay attention to your frequent flyer miles expiry.

Both Kathryn and her parents have accidentally let significant amounts of miles expire due to not paying attention to the expiry dates.

3. Travel insurance.

Getting travel insurance via your credit card is often the cheapest option but pay attention to any age related restrictions. Look for a credit card that will give you coverage into your 70s, and then you might need to investigate specific options for travel insurance over 65.

4. Ask if a hotel has a lot of stairs before booking.

Don’t feel embarrassed to ask questions if you have some mobility issues.

5. Don’t forget your flight socks and your in flight exercises.

Kate’s Mum forgot her flight socks on a massive flight from New Zealand to London. We had to make a doctors visit and now she has permanent numbness in her leg. She was only in her late 50s when this happened.

6. Make sure you have your prescriptions.

Whenever I go to the pharmacy immediately before a trip, they’ve inevitably run out of what I need to pick up. If you take blood pressure medication etc DON’T skip this during your holiday. Be safe.

7. Don’t bully your partner into traveling.

Some people want to travel more in retirement, and some want to travel less. Kathryn’s Dad wants to travel more and Kathryn’s Mum is less interested in traveling. As in any stage of a relationship, you’re going to need to work out it. But, it’s no fun to be traveling with someone who would rather be at home! Consider alternatives like traveling with friends or with your children. Kathryn loved it when her parents accompanied her to Cambodia and her Mum helped out with medical volunteering.

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