The Travel Bug Quiz

Six Signs You’ve Caught the Travel Bug

6. You’ve read so many Lonely Planet guides, you can recommend a great cheap hotel in at least 50 cities you’ve never been to (50 cities = 1 Travel Bug point, 25 = ½ a Travel Bug point).

5. Working at Starbucks somewhere that isn’t home seems more appealing than working in your well paid job at home.

4. You’ve started wearing your zip off pants around town.

3. Over 50% of the items on your bucket list are travel related (over 80% = 1 bonus point).

2. Purchasing any items that won’t fit in your suitcase seems pointless.

1. You haven’t experienced a winter in the last 5 years (except for ski trips).

Travel bug scoring guide:

0-2 points = You might be coming down with it, but you’re not all the way yet.
3-4 points = Medium travel bug infection. You probably still have some non-travel interests.
5+ points = You’ve got it bad. Make sure your family all know how to Skype, you’re going to be gone a long time.

What did you score?

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