Travel Blogs List

Global nomads

Globetrottergirls – Awesome lesbian couple Dani and Jess. One of my favorite travel blogs.

Four Jandals – Kiwi couple Cole and Adela, travelling the word since 2009.

Family travel – Bethaney, Lee, and adorable toddler Reuben. Thailand experts.

1 Dad, 1 Kid

Vacations and RTW Travel

RTW in 30days. Jenny is a member of the century club (100 countries!). She does one RTW trip each year. Another of my favorite travel blogs.

Trail of Ants Travel Blog

Living the Dream – RTW on a budget. Jeremy and Angie.

GoBackpacking – Dave’s RTW Travel Blog.

The Longest Way Home


Tech Guide for Travel – by Anil

Travel Blog Advice – by Anil

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