Our tips for a motorcycle road-trip in India


What better manner to discover the country of spices and sarees than by doing it the local way: by riding a bike? We help you organize your preparation to make sure your motorcycle tour in India is a success.

Be in good shape

This first tip can appear as being an evidence, but don’t let yourself be surprised by the intensity of traffic conditions in India. If it’s your first time in the country, big chances are that you will need a day or two to adjust your riding to the local driving behavior. Or… to the absence of behavior! Being in good shape becomes important as you will need to pull on your physical resources in order to be able to adapt. The more experienced you are with biking, the best it is. If it’s not the case, a few sports training sessions before leaving will help you compensate with a small technique. Who said holidays were only made to rest?

Prepare your bag

Before packing up your bag, it’s important to choose it well. Go for a handy, easy to carry one. Also, travel light! If you don’t have any support vehicle to carry your luggage for you during the trip, you will feel a lot of pain by having a heavy backpack. Other than comfortable clothes, don’t forget to take essential accessories that will make a huge difference during your road-trip : a pair of sunglasses, some sunscreen, and sweets to brighten up local meals (and make friends on the way !). Why not pack up a disposable camera? Quite old school, but still as fun as it was ten years ago. Think of how cool your apartment’s walls would look like decorated with souvenirs pictures of your bike and yourself in India.

Get the right helmet

Choosing a good helmet is so important that it is a preparation stage in itself. If you don’t have any already, we recommend not to buy it in India. Certifications rules are different there, and helmets are not guaranteed to be of the same quality than in other countries- probably yours! Don’t get seduced by cheap helmets you can find in local markets. Investing in your security is the best way to spend your money.

Check your health

This applies to everyone, but particularly for people heading towards a ride in altitude. Many motorbike tours in India cover the region of Ladakh, up in the Himalayan mountains. To be able to ride several hours there without putting your health in danger, get a lot of rest before the trip and eat well. You can go and see a doctor to do an effort test and see how your body reacts to altitude.

Where to go now?

India is so big, it is easy to feel overwhelmed by the quantity of possibilities. To help you focus on the right destination, ask yourself: what will be the weather like ? what is your level of biking ? For a first experience to get to know the country, Rajasthan offers an unbeatable condensed of local culture. If you don’t like being in the heat, avoid Kerala and Tamil Nadu. Avid for mountains and moonscapes? Head towards Uttarakhand, Ladakh or Spiti. In the need for an original discovery? Go explore Madhya Pradesh next to wild fauna and millenial culture of central India.

Watch videos, read articles, talk with travellers… And your trip’s preparation will be a success who will ensure your road-trip’s one!

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