Tips for Getting to Hawaii

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Why come to Hawaii

We’re in love with Hawaii. Our friends at Bohemian Travelers who are also here at the moment totally agree.

Hawaii offers both a great option for people on vacation, and an amazing choice of destination for digital nomads. There are hardly any bugs! The weather is hot but not too hot. It’s pretty much perfect! We even got to swim with turtles (in a completely natural setting). If you’re thinking about what to wear in Hawaii, the essentials are a bathing suit, sun hat, and sarong and some flip flops. Make sure you have a high SPF suntan lotion, and a wet bag for damp towels and bathing suits is a good idea.

Getting to Hawaii

Open Jaw into one Hawaiian island and out of another.

If you want to visit more than one island, consider booking your flight into one island and out of another, so you only have to take one flight between islands. This will usually price out as two half roundtrips rather than as two one way flights so it shouldn’t be more expensive than a roundtrip.

Which island?

In terms of the “best” islands to visit, we love Oahu and many of the people we know rave about the Big Island (the official name of the Big Island is Hawaii, but since that’s also the name of the state people call it the Big Island).

Figuring out how you’re going to get to Hawaii (the state) is confusing because there are multiple islands that have international flights.

You might expect international flights would only fly into Oahu (the island where Honolulu and Waikiki are located). However, for example, Air Canada offers flights to Oahu, KOA airport on the Big Island, and OGG airport on Maui. KOA and OGG are the airport codes for easy searching.

Also be aware, there are two airports on Maui and two on the Big island. Another island – Kauai – also has international flights.

The codes are easier to get your head around than the airport names because so many places in Hawaii have the same names.

Tip: We found that flights from Hawaii to Canada were actually cheaper than flights to the US mainland (for the dates we were looking) so if Hawaii and Canada are both on your agenda then this is a good option to look at.

International flights to Hawaii from NZ/Australia.

The flight we came on was Air NZ from Auckland, and that’s a very easy flight to Hawaii. It was a much cheaper option to book separate tickets for the NZ > Hawaii and Hawaii > US mainland compared to attempting book it as a trip to the US with a Hawaii stopover.

Budget airline Jetstar fly to Hawaii from Australia. Flying Jetstar isn’t a luxury experience but we’d do it if it was significantly cheaper (e.g., $200+ dollars cheaper).

International flights between Hawaii and Japan.

If you’re doing a RTW trip that is just Asia, Europe, America, consider starting in Hawaii and then flying to Japan. There are some good deals on one way flights from Hawaii to Japan. Try using Skyscanner to find them.

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