5 Reasons I Love Americans


Inspired by Flashpacker Family’s Five Reasons We Love America post, I thought I’d write about why I love Americans themselves.

5 Reasons I love Americans

1. Americans are Extremely Friendly and Interested in Travelers.

Americans get a bad rap for not traveling internationally at the same rates as people from other countries (I’m sure they would if they got more vacation time!).

Even if Americans don’t go overseas much, I’ve found them extremely welcoming and interested in me as as traveler to their country.

I’ll never forget the Dallas city bus driver who spent the whole bus trip quizzing me about myself, New Zealand, my family, and my travels while driving the bus.

Waiting in line is fun in America because Americans are great to chat to.

2. American’s Confidence in Themselves.

I’m 100% not being sarcastic. In New Zealand, people rarely talk about their achievements and calling someone ambitious is a huge insult. I love American’s confidence in themselves.

When riding the subway in New York, it’s common to hear young Americans talking about the importance of believing in themselves.

In Brooklyn (where I spend two months each summer), people etch “believe in yourself” type quotes as graffiti in the subway and in bathrooms, or in chalk on the sidewalk.

3. Americans Like Discount Codes and Email Coupons.

I’m temperamentally frugal. It is so easy to get almost anything in the US at a discount by being smart. I Google for discount codes before making almost any purchase in the US.

Whenever I see a “promo code” box, I see it as a challenge to find one! This is fun for me as discount codes are not really “a thing” in New Zealand. I always expect sales people to turn up their noses when I use a coupon or discount code, but this rarely happens.

4. American Entrepreneurship.

I really love my iphone! Enough said!

5. American Politeness

At first I found “you’re welcome,” “have a great day,” and “using the restroom” a bit strange, but now I love these Americanisms.


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    Wait, do you not say “you’re welcome” in New Zealand? I thought that was sort of a universal thing…

    And yes, although I am not an American, I lived in the U.S. for 7 years and have to agree that Americans really are very friendly, far more than I think many people who have never visited would guess! I think this is especially true in the South, but by and large, I have found that wherever you go Americans are pretty good about helping tourists and visitors out and are far more welcoming towards strangers than some other places I’ve been!

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    Nope – we don’t say you’re welcome :) Although now that I’ve spent so much time in the US, I sometimes say it here on auto pilot.

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    I agree! I love Americans too for all the reasons you’ve listed above and more!

    It’s not at all common to say “you’re welcome” here in NZ. NZers don’t gush the pleasantries that Americans do. It’s so hard to adjust back to the reservedness of NZers after spending time in America.

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    Generally I find Americans to be very helpful – and I always think of them a being creative, entrepreneurial & generous too.

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    This is very nice to read. It’s so refreshing as compared with the usual stereotypes of Americans as being fat, uneducated, fake etc.

    Frankly, some of that stuff is true but like all stereotypes it does not define the whole country and I’m a bit tired of everyone always jumping on the bandwagon about it when many of them barely know Americans. Yes the country has its flaws but I do think they are very kind to tourists, at least as much as I’ve seen abroad and I suspect even more.

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    I have to agree, I was recently in Fortworth and loved the people there. I have to admit to feeling a little overwhelmed by the sheer Americaness of it all sometimes.

    Hearing the accent and seeing the confidence of people, it was a bit like meeting an actor and feeling out of sorts, because in truth that is almost exclusively my experience of them.

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    Hi Kate :)

    I was on your site just having a nosy about and saw this post. I love Americans too and often see (not read, I refuse to read them) derogatory posts about them so it was really nice to see something positive.

    We have spent about 9 months on and off in the states in our life (we are Australians) and every time we have gone there they have been nothing but friendly and helpful in every way… especially those southerners!

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    I love American people, I am French BTW so the cliché is not always true. My family love Americans as well since ages. I think that Americans are very nice to other people even when they don’t know them, they’re friendly and I love their honnesty regarding life and its values. They are sometimers too PC but they acknowledge that they like making money and it’s very different from the French who feel ashamed when they do so. Success is a good thing and everyone should look for it and not feel sorry for oneself. Long live America!

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    it really depends what part of the us. in general all states are kind but one. I love new York the culture, the life style, the history, the food ect. its an all American state. but the people there are always in a rush they push people around and don’t really say your welcome. mostly but not all are very rude. back home in California people are kind say good morning give you a warm smile appreciate life for what it is. California is big but I know at least southern Cali folks are very kicked back individuals. I hope you return soon to the land of the free and the home of the brave. p.s if you ever come to California try the IN N OUT BURGER JOINT ITLL BE THE BEST BURGER YOULL EVER EAT ITS ONLY IN CALIFORNIA THOUGH

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    In and Out burger is not really vegan suitable! lol

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    I love Americans too especially those that are naturalized or mixed or immigrants. They are really friendly. In fact, most of my friends online are American.

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    ahhhh all you guys make me blush! its nice to know atleast some people like us hahaha

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    I really love Americans and hope to have a chance to travel to America with my wife.

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    Hey now there is more to New York than just NYC! I live in upstate ny and people here are extremely friendly and warm. I lived in Israel for two years and I used to cry all the time lol. I couldn’t wait to come home! Nobody smiles at you or says hello on the street, nobody holds a door for you (even men for a lady) they just slam it in your face. For me it made me so keenly aware of how much more open we are to others. I was engaged to an Israeli guy for a few years and he was always amazed how when I’d run into other Americans they’d always hug me and wanna talk. That’s just how we are! We’re very outgoing.
    My husband is from France and when he moved here with me I warned him that people will hear his accent and talk his ear off, telling them their whole life story. At first he found it odd and over the top but now when we’re in Europe he misses it! It really makes him laugh at the endearingness of it now. One day we were on line at walmart and a song came on and two of the workers just started dancing, my husband and I just started laughing and I was like ‘welcome to America!’
    I’ve always found it odd how Europeans tend to find us ‘loud’ or ‘obnoxious’, I think we’re just more expressive and down to earth. Sometimes when I’m in Europe I feel worried if I laugh too much or too loud, I try to keep it down but it’s always odd to me ‘why would someone be offended by my happiness?!’ It’s never made sense to me!
    I also fear if I behave to ‘loud’ they will think I’m the typical dumb american they have in their minds when actually I’m an educated professional whose traveled extensively and lived abroad. I just happen to be happy!
    Certainly we have plenty of problems, politically and culturally and of course there is good and bad everywhere but overall I think we are genuinely relaxed, friendly and outgoing. I found the same to be true of Aussies and NZers.

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    It’s made me so happy to hear positive impressions from people about America .
    Thank you ! I love my country .

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