The Pain Points for 30s Travel

Pain points = problems that need solving.

In my view, there are two pain points for the average 30s Traveler

1. You want more comfort than you did in your 20s. You still want to take long trips but not if it means backpacking.

2. You have other priorities that you need to balance with travel, such as

– relationships (what your partner thinks you should be spending your combined money on, whether they like to travel and where,
their career etc )


– investments

– wanting nicer stuff e.g., a nice sofa not an Ikea one

– career (e.g., maybe you like your job)

– your parents are getting older and being away from them is a bigger deal as they age

– the more you earn, the more money you lose each day you have off

What am I forgetting? What pain points are particularly associated with travel in your 30s vs. at other ages?

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    If you are travelling in your late thirties, you might be married with children so might be a little difficult at times. In your twenties, you may not have a lot of money.

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    I think the main thing to keep in mind about traveling in your 30s if the fact that, eventually, one might want to have babies. I know some people do have kids and travel with them – personally, I can’t see myself doing that. That’s why I always say to people to travel young. Even if you don’t have that much in savings, you can always work as you go as this is as free as you’re probably ever going to be… and that freedom is more valuable than the money per se.

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