Thailand or Vietnam – Where to go for your golf holiday


When picking a place to visit for a golf holiday in Asia, you really are spoilt for choice. There are so many wonderful destinations, offering superb golf courses and much, much more. Two of the most popular countries, when deciding where to go for a golf holiday, are Vietnam and Thailand.
Choosing between golf holidays in Thailand or Vietnam is tricky, as both countries offer such a great deal in terms of a golfing holiday.
Thailand is a country which has been attracting visitors from abroad for a lot longer and in greater numbers than Vietnam. That’s not to say it is superior for golf in any way but people are more familiar with what the country has to offer.
Starting in the north, the country is quite mountainous and the best golf courses in Thailand are centred around Chiang Mai and Chiang Rai and one of the best courses in the country is Chiang Mai Highlands Golf Club and Resort. This region of Thailand is great for visitors who want to get a taste of rural Thailand and see the native flora and fauna, in their natural surroundings.
Moving south, to the vibrant city of Bangkok, there are a wide number of golf courses to choose from. With a choice of over 60 golf courses in this region alone, it’s clear Thailand is the place for a wider selection of courses than Vietnam, if you are looking to play as many different courses as possible, during your stay. By basing yourself in Bangkok, you have everything the city has to offer at your fingertips, including top hotels, temples, shopping centres, bars and restaurants plus much more.
If life in the capital city of Thailand sounds like a bit too much for you and something more relaxing is required, the south of the country, along the coastal areas, will be the place for you. Pattaya, Hua Hin and then further down, to Phuket, are great areas to stay and play golf. There are a number of top quality, championship golf courses to choose from in the south of Thailand, ranging from those designed by the big names in the world of golf architecture, to locally established courses. In addition to the tremendous golf, there are plenty of other activities to get involved in, such as swimming, diving and boat trips, making southern Thailand a great location for golf lovers, who enjoy beach and coastal life.

Vietnam is one of the world’s most up and coming golf destinations. There are close to 40 golf courses available to play in Vietnam, with new projects starting on a regular basis. It won’t be long before there are well over 50 golfing venues to choose from within the country. Perhaps the best location for golf courses in Vietnam, is close to the coastal regions of Danang and Nha Trang. For example, Danang Golf Club, designed by Greg Norman, has won a number of awards over the years and another popular Norman design in the area, is The Bluffs at Ho Ham Strip, which is often voted as one of the best golf courses in the world and there are multiple golf courses in Danang where you can enjoy golfing.
Moving down the country, to Saigon, there are plenty of 36-hole golf courses available, such as Vietnam Golf and Country Club. The pick of the other golf courses in the area includes Sky Lake Golf Resort, Kings Island Golf Club, Long Tanh Golf Club, Song Be Golf Club and many more. The top 18-hole golf courses near Saigon include Twin Doves Golf Club and the best course near Hanoi, is Van Tri Golf Club.
Not only does Vietnam have a great choice of quality golf courses, the off course activities are also fantastic. The great climate is perfect for a number of outdoor activities, whether it be swimming, snorkelling, diving and boating on the coastal regions, trekking in the jungles and mountains or sampling local life and culture in the cities, Vietnam is a melting pot for the senses. With many golf clubs offering top class accommodation, Vietnam is a great country for a golfing holiday, combined with a plethora of activities away from the golf course.

When choosing between Vietnam and Thailand for your golf holiday, it’s difficult to pick one destination out as being superior to the other. Thailand has been a popular destination for many years and Vietnam is catching up fast and the number of excellent golf courses in the country is growing every year. If it’s going to be your first time heading to Asia, then perhaps Thailand would be the best choice for your golf holiday. Having soaked up everything the country has to offer, the time will be right to head to Vietnam and continue your golfing advantage, in this magnificent area of the world.

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