Tech inventory for digital nomads


When you’re living the life of a traveller, blogging your way from destination to breath-taking destination, getting your hands on the tech kit you need to fulfill your blogging ambitions is of the utmost importance.

In this post, we’ve employed a simple 5-point structure to create a tech inventory, compiling a list of everything you need to live the life of a wanderer.


Unless you’re distinctly old-school and do the majority of your work in internet cafes along the way, you’ll need a means of uploading your content and managing social media accounts on the move.

The choices are numerous, with every electronics manufacturer under the sun producing their own take on the tablet. If you’re feeling understandably overwhelmed by the sheer volume of choices, take a look at this rundown from The Telegraph, which includes specifications from the some of the most popular models on the market.

Digital camera

Even though most, if not all, tablets come with built in cameras, it’s not always practical to carry your tablet around with you when you want to take some snaps. Despite the slim, lightweight designs of tablets, some travellers still choose to invest in a separate camera.

When you’re picking a model, prioritise three things:

Lightweight design – if it’s heavy enough to cause you discomfort when it’s strung around your neck, chances are you’ll end up neglecting to take photos altogether!

High megapixels – naturally, you’ll want the best photos possible.

Memory card slot – choosing a camera with a memory card that’s compatible you’re your laptop, so that you don’t need a lead to access your photos.


You’re stuck on a plane/bus/train travelling cross country, surrounded by noisy passengers. Headphones at the ready!

Having a pair of decent headphones is your retreat from noisy environments and can be your salvation when you’re on the road for long periods of time. You have two choices when it comes to choosing your headphones: inner or outer ear. Outer ear headphone are much more effective for cancelling out noise, though they can be uncomfortable to sleep in, so it’s really up to personal preference which ones you go for.

Portable power supply

Even if you’ve got the most advanced laptop or tablet money can buy, being on the road for days also means that you don’t always have access to power and you’ll eventually run dry.
Having a backup portable power supply, which you charge up whenever you have access to power, will keep you going for longer. You can buy these relatively cheaply and in a range of sizes depending on how much power you need to store.

Space man clothing

Yes, we’re being serious. Don’t assume that when you’re talking travelling tech you’re limited to laptops and tablets.

It’s now possible for travellers to get their hands on clothing made from the same material used by NASA in spacesuits, as featured by Forbes. Designed to regulate body heat, the material is also wrinkle-free – handy for those of you who spend hours travelling by plane, train and bus! Invest in a few pieces to keep you looking presentable during long periods of travel.

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