Sydney to Hobart Yacht Race – Experiencing Aussie Sporting Culture

sydney to hobart yacht

Even compared to us Kiwis, Australia is a sports mad nature. If you’re keen to experience Australian sports culture there are events throughout the year that you can work into your trip. For example, a Kangeroos vs. All Blacks rugby match, a one day cricket match (fun if you take a picnic), the Australian Tennis Open (my top pick), a “State of Origin” Rugby League match, an Aussie Rules play off match, or the Melbourne Cup.

Another huge summer sporting event in Australia is the Sydney to Hobart Yacht race. Sydney is on the East Coast of Australia (I hope you knew that ;)). Hobart is the capital of Tasmania, which is the little island off the South Coast of Australia, and it’s own state.

The race takes place on Dec 26th Boxing Day each year. Teams are currently trying to break the 40 hour mark for the 1100km race, which no one has done yet.

The most likely place for visitors to get a glimpse of the race is the start line at Sydney Harbour (yes the Sydney Harbour with the Bridge and the Opera House).

According to, the best vantage points around Sydney include Rushcutters Bay to Watsons Bay, South Head, Cremorne Point, Bradleys Head, Clifton Gardens, or after Manly to North Head.

The race draws international teams who come to win, and boats racing to raise funds for charities.

bunking sydney to hobart yacht

What’s Christmas week in Sydney like?

Christmas week is a great week to be in Sydney. Australia has some heat wave days in summer (100+ F, close to 40C) so you’ll need to be prepared for the possibility of a heat wave striking. More typical weather is around 85F or 28C (December in Sydney weather chart).

Everyone is in “holiday” mode so book your accommodation early and plan to spend a lot of time on the beaches. If you’re heading over from the US, take STRONG sunblock with your as it’s horrendously expensive in Australia and the lack of ozone is no joke. It’s good to cover up by swimming in UV protective clothing as well as using sunblock. This is a must if you’re bringing kids.

Although most stuff is shut for Christmas Day, most stores and restaurants are open the other holidays (Boxing Day is a public holiday downunder, as is New Year). The race brings an influx of wealthy international visitors and so upscale restaurants will be hopping.

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