Sunset Beach, North Shore, Hawaii – Roadtrip

Best photo Sunset Beach

Today we took a roadtrip up to Sunset Beach on the North Shore of Oahu. It was one of our best days in Hawaii so far!

This beach has all the things required of a GREAT swimming beach

– sand rather than coral under foot so you don’t cut your feet while swimming

– calm (beyond the first breaker) in the Summer, and has warm water (not as warm as South East Asia but warm)

– a lifeguard (no reason to have one, but nice to have)

– no sea lice

– no mosquitos

– just the right amount of other people

– brilliant blue sky, mega clear blue water, and soft golden sand.

There is no shelter from the sun so when considering your packing list for Hawaii, think about ways to protect yourself from getting burnt e.g sun umbrella, sunhat, sarong, full strength suntan lotion.

I’ve said previously that one of the best things about Hawaii is that driving around the island takes no time.

We traveled the scenic route up the coast and it still took less than 90 minutes.

We left by 8.30am and the weather was gross on the drive up. We’ve passed Kualoa Ranch which is one of the places they did lots of filming of Lost.

Kualoa Ranch

By the time we got up to the North Shore, the sun was out in a big way!

Girls on Sunset Beach

Several bus loads of Asian tourists arrived, jumped out of their bus and stood on the sidewalk taking photos of the beach. They didn’t even stand on the sand – they stood on the bloody sidewalk and then got back in the bus!

Sunset Beach May 2013

Just as we were leaving it went from brilliantly sunny to bucketing down and driving back to Honolulu was a bit stressful (only a little bit) due to all the rain and poor visibility. We drove over a few flooded bridges and the car didn’t like the water and started making a weird noise but then was fine.

Kualoa Regional Park


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    Whoever does not get in the water is missing out. Lovely set of photos, stunning.

  2. //

    Oh my – look at how blue that water is!! I certainly wouldn’t have been stood on the sidewalk – ain’t nowt wrong with a paddle.
    Elle x

  3. //

    Man that looks so awesome! Wish I was road tripping with you!

  4. //

    I hate to stereotype but I have seen this jump off take a picture, jump back on the bus from certain tourists before. That has to be one of the worst itineraries I can imagine. Why have a photo of something when you can experience it and make a memory?

    Loving your road tripping tales :)

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    how do you stand on the sidewalk, take a pic, and walk away? these photos are unreal. such beauty, and no mosquitoes, you say? looks and sounds like heaven! gabi

  6. //

    so so pretty. i’ve only been to one Hawaiian island and it wasn’t this pretty.

  7. //

    get me there. right. now!

  8. //

    Oh, now you having me missing Hawaii!

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    I know for those of us who love beaches and being in the blue ocean it seems strange for others not to enjoy it, but there are some people (and cultures) who don’t grow up around beaches and who hate being out in the hot sun, so I don’t think we should judge them.
    Beautiful place. I love that you are there for a month!

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