How to Stay Cool in Las Vegas in Summer


Kathryn and I are in complete disagreement about whether early summer weather in Vegas is pleasant or not. Personally I love it! Right now, days are in the low 100s. Here is what I’ve learned about coping with the heat.

– Watch the hourly forecast on accuweather. There are some evenings that are gloriously cool and other evenings where the evening temperatures stay similar to the daytime temps until quite late.

– The same goes for the morning temperatures. Before noon, it’s usually not too hot.

– It gets VERY light very early. There will be blue skies and blazing sunshine at 6-7am. This is the perfect time to go out to Red Rock Canyon for some short hikes. We LOVE this. It takes us around 20 mins to get out there.

– Go to Hawaii before coming to Vegas ;). We arrived in Vegas after 7 weeks in Hawaii. As such we’d acclimated to sunshine and heat. I’d been going for an hour walk in the midday sun in Hawaii. Therefore I was not only acclimated to heat but also to being active in heat. We didn’t use any aircon in Hawaii either, so that we acclimated.

– The Vegas summer heat is still quite a step up from Hawaii, so allow yourself 2-3 weeks to fully adjust. This isn’t psychological, it’s physiological. There are physical changes that happen in the body. Here is a good list of what those changes are.

– “Precool” yourself. I had my doubts about whether precooling would be effective, until I looked at the research. Many swimming pools in Vegas are unheated, so you could dip yourself in a pool or even take a cool shower before going outside. If you’re driving to go do a hike, really blast the aircon immediately before you exit your car, so that you get your body temperature cool.

– Bring moisturizer. I’m using lots of handcream and lip balm. My eyes are a bit dry but otherwise I feel great in the ultra low humidity.

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