St. Lucia – Caribbean – Escaping Winter From the UK or US


We’re featuring some options for people looking to take a beach break over Northern Hemisphere winter. This edition is the Caribbean island of St. Lucia.

If you want tropical, you need look no further, as St. Lucia is nothing but tropical. Winter temperatures average highs of 27C with sea temperatures of 26C even in December. If you’re out for adventure there is plenty to do and see that will keep the adrenaline pumping and the mind ready for exploration.

With that said, the island itself is only 27 miles long and 14 wide which at first glance you’d think wouldn’t be able to accommodate diverse options, but it really does. The island’s topography is quite typical of places in the area – the non-coastal areas are mountainous (the island was formed as a result of a volcano), and the coastal areas are comprised mainly of white sand beaches and palm trees.

There are some amazing sights to be seen on the island that can’t be found anywhere else – the best example of this is probably the drive-in volcano (still active!) in the town of Soufriere. The area has hot sulphuric baths that are said to heal ailments, so people flock here in droves to experience them.


If you’re into nature then it’s well worth taking one of the many hiking paths that can be found across the island. The hikes themselves are varied and can be approached at a gentle pace if you’re only ready for a stroll or more aggressively if you’re out to burn some calories (As an aside, read our tips for for how not to gain weight while traveling). The various flora and fauna on the island are enough to make everyone a photographer – the orchids and palms that the island is famous for stand out a mile and if you’re lucky you’ll come across the beautiful hummingbirds and parrots. Speaking of photography, there are numerous panoramic viewpoints that give you the opportunity to snap waterfalls and the like.

Seeing as the island is, of course, surrounded by the sea it fits that the water-based activities on St. Lucia are plenty. Here is a comprehensive list of things you can do: water-skiing, windsurfing, snorkelling, surfing, parasailing, fishing, scuba diving… you get the idea. If you’re feeling as though you’d like a slightly less adrenaline fuelled experience then take a boat out to see if you can spot some turtles (Swimming with Turtles in Hawaii was one of our favorite ever travel experiences!), dolphins or humpback whales.

All things considered St. Lucia is an great place that really does have something for everyone. There are several price points that suit most budgets, so don’t be put off by the ‘expensive’ image of the place. From the US, you can fly direct from Miami on American as well as various other options. Check prices to both St. Lucia airports. The codes are SLU and UVF. You can check out our advanced flight search tips here.

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photo credit: Numinosity (Gary J Wood) Pygmy Warrior via photopin cc

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