5 Classy Destinations for a Special Occasion Trip

Maldives beach

If you’re planning a special occasion trip like a honeymoon and you want to make sure you’re going to experience the type of luxury, good service, pain-free travel you’re hoping for, we’ve got some destination ideas for you.

1. Aitutaki, The Cook Islands.

Rarotonga, the main island of the Cooks is nice enough but nearby Aitutaki is even better. It’s only a very short flight from Rarotonga but the fares are around $200 each way, which stops a lot of travelers from making the jump. It has a world famous lagoon and is postcard perfect. A season of the US TV show Survivor filmed there. In Southern Hemisphere winter (mid year, when it’s summer in the US/UK) it gets a little bit cool in the Cooks, so Spring and Fall are the best times to visit.
The accommodations on Aitutaki aren’t super lux but they’re not primative either.

2. The Seychelles.

Prince William and Duchess Kate honeymooned in the Seychelles as they were looking for luxury + privacy. The Seychelles is another picture perfect beach destination. General consensus is that the beaches of the Seychelles beat those of nearby islands Mauritius and Reunion. The Seychelles has 115 islands so you’ll want to spend at least part of your stay out of the main island, Mahe.

3. New York.

Let’s get away from the beach theme for just a minute. New York has some of the finest restaurants in the world and Broadway.
It’s also a very easy city to get around. Most NYC hotels in the under $300-400 are like shoe boxes so you may need to spend more than you would elsewhere to get a true luxury hotel experience. The Waldorf Astoria often has some good package deals. If you’re looking last minute, Broadway shows offer “premium tickets” so you may be able to get good seats even at the last minute. They’re usually around $200-300 each, around double the regular ticket price. If you don’t need premium seats, you can find discount codes for many shows on a site called Broadway Box, which you can then use directly at the theater box office once you arrive in New York. Skip the horse drawn carriage rides in Central Park. Animal rights activists aren’t big fans of these. Winter and summer temperatures are both brutal in NYC (too cold or too hot). September is probably the nicest time to travel to NYC, followed by May.

4. Taupo, New Zealand.

In general, New Zealand isn’t as service focussed as countries like the US and some places in Asia. It’s more similar to the UK in which standards are good but not every customer whim is catered for. These are however some options that provide that extremely high level of service you might be looking for on a special occasion trip. Huka Lodge, located in Taupo (smack in the middle of New Zealand’s North Island) is a good example of this. It’s situated on a river. There are also other options near Queenstown in the South Island. New Zealand gets cold in their winter.

5. The Maldives.

For being such a remote destination, the Maldives offers a very high level of service and some of the best beaches and clearest ocean you can get. There are lots of different options online for which island you can stay on. If you check out the amenities that each resort offers you’ll be able to get an idea of whether it’s orientated more towards families or adults.

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