Key Differences Between Short vs Long Trips

Short vs. Long Trips



If you book a nice hotel, you feel guilty if you stay in the room or at the pool vs. getting out exploring.

When you treat yourself to a nice hotel you can fully enjoy all the amenities.

You see beaches you’ve always wanted to see on gray days due to limited time.

You can wait till the sun is out to head to the best beaches.

If it’s raining, you gotta go out.

If it’s raining you can stay in and catch up on Mad Men.

You end up stuck in crowds because you’re traveling when everyone else is.

You can go places during the week to avoid weekend crowds.

You miss festivals by a few days or find out about local events after the fact.

You’re inevitably in town for festivals and important events you didn’t know about.

You arrive just as a festival is starting when accommodation is tight and overpriced.

You can arrive a few weeks before a festival so you can get the pick of accommodation at normal prices.

You don’t want to take any time out of your travel schedule to do non-travel activities.

You can meet up with other bloggers.

You spend most of the trip sleep derived.

You can sleep in when you need to.

You eat at restaurants.

You shop at the local markets and cook for yourself.

If you eat something amazing by the next day you’ve already moved on and never get to have it again.

You become a regular at your favorite coffee shop / street food cart etc.

You get overcharged because you don’t know what you should be paying.

You can figure out what the price of things ‘should be.’

It’s stressful when you get delayed.

If you get lost or delayed, it’s no big deal.

You pay full price for museums.

You can go to museums on their free day of the week/month.

You have to pick flights by schedule.

You can take advantage of airfare sales due to your flexibility and can travel outside of local holidays.

If you buy a weekly transit pass, you usually only get 3-4 days value out of it.

You can take advantage of weekly and monthly transit passes.


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    I mostly agree. There are a few on the short trips list that I would say aren’t always the case. We both work full time and so do most of our travel on short breaks. We pick destinations in the shoulder season to avoid all the other travelers and when we travel off-the-beaten-path, that isn’t an issue at all.

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    A handy summary! And help me, I’ve done them all: every single item on the list …

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