How to Feel More Freedom While Traveling

If I felt a complete sense of freedom, I’d be splashing around in this fountain too.

On my trip to Malaysia a few months ago, I ticked an item of my travel bucket list. No, it wasn’t riding a bullet train or eating a bug, it was…

… to NOT get on a flight I’d booked and paid for.

Sense of freedom is one of my main motivations for travel. So, anything that involves acting more free is bucket-list worthy to me.

If you were traveling with more of a sense of freedom, what would it look like?

For me, it would look like not sticking to travel plans (even the already paid for kind) if my curiosity was calling me in another direction.

The flight was only a $20 Air Asia flight, but it was still absolutely thrilling as a stick-to-the-rules, very non-wasteful person to allow myself to break my own rules about never wasting things.

I gained not wasting the opportunity to do something different (going to Redang after going to the Perhentians), and wasting this opportunity would’ve been a bigger waste than the waste of the flight.

Acting “As If” You Are Free Will Make You Feel More Free

Acting as if you already feel something is the quickest way to start feeling it, so how would I be acting if I already felt a sense of complete freedom?

This is my list, but I’m hoping it will stimulate you to think about your own list (please leave a comment if you think of anything for YOU)

– Breaking minor rules more (in a non-obnoxious way) e.g., checking out 30 minutes late rather than always exactly on time to the minute

– Hiring a scooter in Thailand even though I’m terrified of having an accident

– Asking for what I want more, rather than feeling too embarrassed to ask (e.g., asking for 6 diet cokes on a 12 hour flight if that’s what I want!)

– Doing more free camping (as opposed to at camp grounds)

– Having fun with negotiating more. Feeling less embarrassed to try to negotiate prices and to have both successes and failures at this.

– Next time I go to Vietnam, hiring someone to drive me around the Mekong on a motorbike for a few days (a female driver I think).

– Next time I go to Thailand or Vietnam, hiring someone for personal market shopping and cooking lessons (vegan food)

– Deciding to take a trip at the last minute

– Doing more weekend trips from home

– Packing less

– Not feeling like I need to eat everything I’ve ordered/on the plate

Your turn? If you were acting like you had a complete sense of freedom while you’re traveling, what would you differently?

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    That’s funny! I was JUST thinking about this today and discussing with Lee about how it would be nice to try a “free” trip where we just buy a one-way ticket somewhere and see what happens. The discussion came about partly because we’ve spent the past few days planning our travels for 2013. We’ve got up until mid-June planned out!

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