5 Options for Self-Catering on the Road for Vegans

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1. Renting an apartment.

I’ve written a lot about the advantages for vegans of renting short-term apartments. So far, I have 11 posts in my travel blogger interview series on apartment rentals.

– You get a full kitchen.

– You save time vs. going out for breakfast every morning.

– You can shop at local markets (one of my all-time favorite travel activities, even on short trips).

– You can try local vegan supermarket products (often superior to vegan options for restaurants), such as the highly recommended Vegusto and Cheezly Vegan Cheeses available in the UK and Europe (you can get Cheezly in a few places in New Zealand too).

2. Taking your camping stove and using it on your balcony etc.

I take my camping stove on beach trips and try to book bungalows that have a mini-fridge.

3. and 4. Staying in Campgrounds or Hostels That Provide a Communal Kitchen.

One of the biggest surprises to me when I started traveling is how much I actually like staying in hostels when I’m traveling alone.

5. Hiring a Caravan (That you tow using your vehicle) or “Campervan” (an all in one) that comes with self-catering on board.

I haven’t ever done any caravan or campervan travel because I get car sick and therefore avoid car and bus travel as much as humanly possible, but I have heard people having great experiences with this travel style. A mechanic family member who buys and sells cars sometimes buys caravans when one comes up at a good price, tidies them up, and flicks them on at a profit. He never seems to have any problem selling them and they’re a popular option in New Zealand. They’re also very popular among people doing their O.E. (“overseas experience”) in the UK. If you’re going to purchase a campervan or caravan for use in the UK and Europe. try if possible to avoid buying in summer and then attempting to sell in winter. Also, check the details of your travel insurance policy as you may not be covered for caravaning. If you’re buying your own caravan then you will need to look at your own insurance (e.g. through The Caravan Club). Even if you’re renting, it’s likely to be cheaper to organize the insurance independently rather than through the rental agency.

Obviously having your wheels and your accommodation all-in-one can be a potential cost and time saver. It’s potentially an especially good option for vegans as vegan restaurants or stores that supply vegan grocery items are often be located in places that are inconvenient to reach on public transport.

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