How Does Your Politics Influence Your Travel?

Point #4 I’m not anti-wealth.

These are five ways my politics influences my travel. I’d love to hear how your politics influences your travel. Leave a comment!

1. Even if America falls short of her ideals, I still love those ideals.

Washington DC was very much top of my travel bucket list when I started traveling in my early 20s. I’ve always been an Amerophile (is that a word?). When I was in elementary school in New Zealand, I memorized all the US presidents out of our encyclopedias at home, I knew all about the three branches of government, and read multiple books about the JFK assassination. I was a weirdo child!

On my rtw trip when I was 24, I went to Dallas just so I could go to the Texas School Book Depository.

2. I’m an fan of entrepreneurship.

I enjoy countries like Vietnam, Thailand, and America that have a strong spirit of entrepreneurship.

3. Freedom is my most important personal value.

This influences my desire to travel and the way I travel.

See this post about How to Feel More Free On Your Travels

4. I’m not anti-wealth.

Giant hotels fascinate me. I find the construction awe inspiring. One of the things I enjoyed most about being in Kuala Lumpur was watching the construction of a new giant hotel from the window of my giant hotel.

I’m fascinated by the idea that somehow someone can get $100 million together to build a jaw dropping building. There are a lot of people in the 1% who I admire for what they’ve achieved.

5. I don’t like to buy things.

I like to admire luxurious things but I don’t need to own them. Since I was a kid I haven’t liked to buy anything unnecessary. I’m naturally frugal. I don’t shop when I travel, except if it’s running shoes or work clothes that I’d be needing to buy at home.

What About You?

Hopefully I haven’t alienated readers who don’t share my politics. I’m interested in how your politics influence your travel? e.g., Are you living away from your home country because don’t like aspects of the politics?


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    I don’t mix politics with travel. I guess I could say I’m more for the libertarian party here in the U.S. I can’t stand spending money on war or war in general and I feel the party steers clear of that. However I travel all the time and it’s kind of my escape from ALL the nonsense or sense in my life. Great topic!

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    I have to agree with your #1. The more I’ve traveled and seen, the more I value the American Spirit and Ideals. Personal freedom, choice and taking the bull by the horns aren’t something that all of humanity really cares about, but I do…

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