My Perfect Travel Day

photo (58) LA beaches really do look just like Baywatch, right?

We’ve been traveling for 9 months now. It’s amazing! Somewhere around the 6-7 month mark, I stopped counting each monthly “travelversary.”

After this long, I think I’ve figured out what my perfect travel day consists of. Today had all the components of that:

1. A swim in a warm outdoor pool and soak in the hot tub.

Bonus points: If don’t have to share with anyone else. I lucked out today and had both the pool and hot tub to myself.

More bonus points: If said swimming is under the stars and moonlight.

2. Day involves Vegan nachos.

1/2 a point for Vegan pizza, but Vegan nachos are the best.

3. Day involves Vegan cake.

Bonus points: If said cake involves vegan cream cheese frosting.

4. An outdoor nap.

I love to nap outdoors however the pollen is so bad in New Zealand and there are so few warm enough days, I rarely get to do it.

5. No actual travel.

Yeah, my ideal travel day involves waking up and going to sleep in the same bed. Travel days are pretty exhausting. Little annoyances suck up lots of time e.g., picking up a rental car only to notice the fuel tank wasn’t full and then having to wait in line again to speak to someone about it.

Yesterday I spent 4 hours driving – 3 of which were spent in absolute gridlock, 1/2 an hour was spent at an ok speed, and 1/2 an hour was spent in the absolute terror that is hurtling down the freeway at night trying to maintain traffic flow with speeding drivers and feeling blinded by so many lights everywhere.

This is sort of the ying and yang of travel. I arrived at my destination full of knots from sitting in the car and moving at 5 miles an hour, and then soaked those knots away in the hot tub when I got here.

6. Talking to my family.

I love that I can be out exploring to still keep up with all the minutia of my family’s lives. I love that I get daily reports on my nephew’s toilet training progress and the weekly update from my Mumma on where she placed at bridge. Even though I’m not physically there, it barely feels like I’m separated from them.

7. Cloudless sky.

I am really fussy when it comes to weather. Cloudy skies really get me down. I reckon about 50% of my motivation to travel is chasing near permanent blue sky!

What’s your perfect travel day?


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    Outdoor naps are the best! So looking forward to the European summer to be able to take advantage of those…though I too suffer when there’s a lot of pollen, which there usually is in Europe in summer. Boo!

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    Weather is a very big motivator for travel for me too. I also just like relaxing and hanging out most of the time and then just doing an activity here and there. I tend to prefer “events” that are on at the destination at the time that I happen to be there as my activity choices vs. the year round touristy stuff at a destination.

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    I love travelling for good weather too. I am such a summer person. I also love how easy it is to keep in touch these days! Especially now me and my family all seem to have iPhones so i was able to use facetime for free most of our last trip!

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