How to Pamper Yourself in Koh Samui, Thailand

Koh Samui

Like most tropical, exotic getaways, Koh Samui, Thailand offers a wide variety of relaxing activities and ways to leave yourself refreshed for when you return home. Here’s some tips on how how to pamper yourself during your holiday in Koh Samui.

– Fly directly into Koh Samui rather than taking a bus or the the train down form Bangkok and then ferrying across. We did the latter two when we visited nearby Koh Phangan and it was the opposite of relaxing. We did not sleep well on the overnight train, and then it was delayed which caused us to miss our ferry to the island so we had to wait an extra couple of hours in the hot sun. We did not have the option of flying directly to Koh Phangan but you do have this luxury with Koh Samui so embrace it.

– It might be tempting to hire a car or a motor scooter to cruise around the island, but I wouldn’t if I wanted a purely relaxing holiday. Thais (and many tourists) are crazy drivers who pay little or no heed to road rules. It is stressful to drive there and it would be so easy to have an accident and injure yourself and/or others, let alone damage the rented vehicle. The rental companies will try and sting you for hundreds, if not thousands of dollars for repairs. Even if you haven’t damaged the vehicle at all, the rental company might still accuse you of causing a scratch or a dint. It’s really not worth the stress. If you truly want to pamper yourself it is better to hire a local driver to take you around the island, or hire a cab. If you really want to rent a vehicle, make sure you inspect it thoroughly before you take it off the lot, including taking photos of any pre-existing damage and make sure the rental company records this.