Packing Up for Extended Travel

It’s over four months until my partner and I plan on leaving NZ for some extended travels. We’ve just started to have packing conversations. We have a four bedroom house to pack up (that we’ve lived in for over a decade). It’s going to be a mission.

Our Plan and To Do List

Our plan for the moment is to rent out out house furnished. Here are some of the things on our to do list.

– Decide what we’re doing with our vehicles (Choices: either sell or loan to extended family for while we’re away)

– Check if renting our house furnished is going to increase or decrease it’s desirability in the eyes of renters.

– Find a property manager (Choices: a commercial property manager or an amateur)

– Investigate storage options vs. selling or giving away everything we own.

– Plan the first of what will be several “garage” yales (aka yard sales).

– Start a spreadsheet of what we’re prepared to permanently part with and what we’re clinging to. See if any family members or friends want particular items.

– Start throwing out junk we should’ve got rid of earlier.

Anyone want to share any pearls of wisdom from their experiences packing up a big house (or a small house)?

Our family all live in New Zealand so we won’t be away permanently, but we do plan on being away at least a year.

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    I’m very curious, as to what you decided about the vehicle situation! I’m trying to decide whether or not to sell my car.

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    I’m definitely selling my car but my partner still hasn’t decided what she’s doing with her’s. We don’t leave till the beginning of May, but packing up feels like a very big process. My partner has lived in our house for over 20 years, so we have a lot of stuff!

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