Roadtripping in Fall on the East Coast USA

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What is the best time of the year to visit New York and the American North-East? Before arriving in NYC in June I would have guessed late Spring and Summer. For the first few weeks the temperatures were warm and comfortable but then we experienced the heat wave which peaked in July but continued through until mid-September. I remember there were about two weeks in July when it was so hot (typically >96 degrees) that I hardly ventured outside and we had the air-con going pretty much 24/7. When my parents visited us from New Zealand in early September we had another mini heat wave and the oppressively hot temperatures negatively impacted on their enjoyment of Central Park, and the High Line etc. Maybe I tolerate heat less well than other people but it certainly made me reconsider the best time to visit NYC.

I found the weather to be at it’s best during June and Fall. Mid September through mid October was just perfect. The temperatures were warm and pleasant and the Fall colours were spectacular, especially up at the Cloisters and looking across the far side of the Hudson River. It has long been on my bucket-list wish to have a leaf-peeping vacation in Vermont. The timing of our sublets in New York made it impossible this year but I definitely plan to do it some time in the next few years. I’ve heard that upstate New York is gorgeous too, and we did enjoy the colours on our visit to Washington in early November.

Obviously the people that made the attached video agree with me about the best time to visit the north-eastern coast of the US. The video is set in the Fall and the young women are enjoying the leaf-peeping. Anyone who knows well knows how much I LOVE trees. I also like staying at hotels with complimentary bikes so that you can explore and enjoy the countryside and city parks. It looks like the perfect vacation to me!

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