Low Season Travel. Good idea or not?

I’ve read a lot of blog posts that recommend traveling to places in “low season” as a way to save money.

Travel seasons are usually classed as

Shoulder (in between low and high)
Peak (depends on the destination but times like Christmas/New Year, during special holidays or festivals, during US Spring break etc)

My view – avoid peak and low

My view of this is that avoiding traveling peak season is desirable (unless you specifically want to attend a particular festival or event) but…

… weather is incredibly important to me when traveling (freezing cold, gray skies, Paris in the middle of winter was not so fun).

Travel is expensive and I like to see places at their best so I generally don’t travel in low season, especially for beach destinations when water that is calm, clear, and turquoise during high season might be rough and churned up during low season.


I did very much enjoy traveling to Russia in winter since it seemed like the quintessential Russian experience, but I would love to go back in summer.

Sometimes travel seasons are based more on the weather where most of the travelers are coming from than the weather at the destination e.g. US winter is high season for Caribbean. Factor this in.

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