Intriguing Ibiza: Rural flair and stunning scenery

Ibiza is best known throughout the world as a hedonistic mecca for club enthusiasts. While it is a popular destination for those seeking all-night parties that are the stuff of international legend, there is so much more to the island than its reputation would lead you to believe.

Ibiza holidays can be so much more than cover charges and bar tabs: there is an entire natural wonderland to explore on this Balearic Island. The stunning scenery and charming rural villages here are ideal for budget-conscious adventure travelers looking to escape the frenetic coastal scene.

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Ibiza Old Town

As most flights come a short drive away from Ibiza Town, it’s well worth a wander through the old quarter, or Dalt Vila. This UNESCO World Heritage site is the perfect place to while away an afternoon wandering through the narrow network of streets, historical attractions and excellent markets. The Old Town is home to archaeological museums of Elivissa and Formentera as well as more contemporary works at the Puget Museum. The other Old Town attraction worth visiting is the Necropolis of Puig des Milons – a 1000 year-old cemetery with over 3500 burial chambers.

Ses Salines Natural Park

This Spanish Natural Park is actually a collection of nature reserves located in Sant Josep de Sa Talaia, in the south part of Ibiza. Composed of sand dunes, islets and salt flats, the varied and stunning landscapes of Ses Salines are home to hundreds of protected species, including over 200 birds, as well as robust populations of several other varieties of flora and fauna. This area has also been designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site and the Park’s crystal clear waters and pristine stretches of sand make this area one of the most breathtaking on the island – as well as being completely free to visit.

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Santa Agnes de Corona

This charming village is not far from the popular resort destination of San Antonio. Located in the heart of rural Ibiza, Santa Agnes de Corona is both tranquil and engaging thanks to its stunning architecture. The locals here are friendly and offer tourists a glimpse into traditional Ibiza life, complete with wine cellar visits where tourists can learn about local wine-making traditions and sample the fruits of local labour. There are archaeological sites including two medieval towers as well as an impressive population of Eleanor’s falcons and Royal falcons in nearby Cala d’Aubarca.

Santa Eularia des Rui

Along the central east coast of Ibiza, the former fishing village of Santa Eularia des Rui boasts incredible cultural attractions and delectable culinary treats. The village is full of charm, but perhaps its most pleasing feature is the 16th Century fortification that surrounds the temple of Es Puig de Missa which dominates views throughout thanks to its bold semi-circular watch towers. Visitors can promenade along the promenade and gaze out over the collection of bobbing yachts in port or leisurely browse through the stylish and unique boutiques that line the narrow streets of the village. The Ethnology Museum offers visitors fascinating exhibits that detail 50 years of Ibiza history, including stunning costumes, toys, olive pasting machines and even old farm tools.

You don’t have to wander too far to get a taste of authentic Ibiza. Venture outside the popular resort destinations and social hubs to explore the stunning scenery, discover fascinating cultural heritage and meet the impressive wildlife – neither you or your wallet will regret it.

Images by Luis Jou García and
Creative Commons

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