How Much Does Going to the Louvre Cost? – 2013

The cost of visiting the Louvre museum in Paris is 11 Euro (approximately 14-15 US dollars).

Visiting the Louvre free

– The Louvre has free admission on the first Sunday for each month.

– It’s always free for children under 18, and EU residents under 26.

– On Friday evenings, after 6pm, anyone under 26 can get in free.

– If you teach art or art history you can get in free.

– If you’re disabled, you and your assistant can visit the Louvre for free.

– The Louvre is free on Bastille Day (July 14)

– Admission to the Louvre is included in the Paris Pass, but the pass is very expensive (105 Euros for 2 days).


– Open 9-6pm, except Tuedays when it’s closed, and Fridays when it’s open till 9:45pm.

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