Hawaii Floating Lantern Festival – 2013 – Photos

These photos are free to use with a link back to this site.

This is an annual event held at Ala Moana beach. We were subletting an apartment nearby and heard that it was on so joined in. During the day you pick up a lantern kit from the organizer’s tent and prepare you lantern by writing messages to loved ones that have passed on. In the evening after the sun has gone down, many hundreds of people light their lanterns and release them into the bay. It is a spectacular sight and was quite a moving experience for us and we had just lost an uncle and paid tribute to him on our lantern.

Hawaii Floating Lantern Festival 2013 – Memorial Day

hawaii lantern festival

Lanterns with Messages Ready to be Floated

floating lantern messages

hawaii floating lantern festival 2013 memorial day

Assembled Lantern.

assembled lantern

Lantern Beach During the Daytime – Ala Moana Beach Memorial Day 2013.

ala moana beach memorial day

vw van us flag


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    Looks great! We felt crappy after moving all day so didn;t want to deal with crowds:( Looks like it was pretty packed!

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    Oh how pretty!

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    Wow, I didn’t even know this happened. Looks amazing…will have to add it to a trip to Hawaii, and that will help with timing a trip.
    Wait…when is US Memorial day?

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    yup Memorial Day

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    These lanterns look amazing. Great photos, thanks for sharing them.

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    Very cool photos, I didn’t even know this was a thing!

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    i’ve always wanted to go to a floating lantern festival. someday….

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    so pretty!!

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    I had no idea about this festival! I may need to plan a trip down next year. Bit closer than Thailand!

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    The festival looks great – there’s something magical about lanterns at night, whether they’re floating on water or drifting off into the sky.

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