The Hardest Decision is the Decision to Go

Picking a Date to Leave is Scary!

It’s almost 2am. I’m sitting up pondering an airfare sale that ends at the end of the day today.

Buying the tickets would lock us in to a start date for our planned extended travels. I’ve got a date in mind, and my other half has a date in mind that’s six weeks later (basically 4 months from now vs. 6 months from now). The dates in between are blacked out for the sale, so meeting in the middle isn’t an option.

Do we let the airfare sale expire? Do I book my ticket and let my partner book her’s at a higher price when she’s ready? Do I try and put the pressure on to get my own way? (I’m the travel planner of the family and I’m 99% sure my choice is the most sensible one for a variety of reasons. My other half’s hesitation is mainly anxiety and feeling rushed by this sale having popped up out of nowhere). Argh!

What’s Giving Me Comfort

– Years ago I read somewhere (I have no idea where or I’d give credit) that the hardest travel decision is the decision to go – to do it. I couldn’t agree more. I’m feeling comforted by the idea (and prior experience) that this is the hardest bit. Apart from being sick or robbed while on the road, this is as rough as it gets.

– I’m thinking about how success is usually achieved by taking a leap into uncertainty. I’m telling myself “this is just part of the process.”

I almost vomited in the shower tonight

This is getting real! Whenever I make these kinds of big decisions, I get physical symptoms of stress. Even though mentally I feel like I’m handling it fine, and thinking this is par for the course, I get sick in the stomach and light headed.

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