Going to Los Angeles or New York? Want to see TV or movie filming?

Celebrities like Daniel Radcliffe can be seen live in NYC either filming movies/TV or also in Broadway shows.

Ok, so this is more of an under 30s tip – possibly more an under 20s tip!…

If you’re going to be in Los Angeles or New York and want to know the locations where movies and TV shows will be filming outdoor scenes, you can find the information on a website called

Where does the info come from?

Often its from parking permits i.e., signs that say there will be no parking on a particular day due to filming.

You can usually only find out the day and not the specific time prior to the day of the filming.

But, on the day, plenty of people will be commenting on the OLV website and twittering so you can get more detailed info.

Sometimes the filming is on location but inside buildings or in other closed off areas, so aim to see outdoor scenes.

I’ve done this, using info from OLV and Twitter, and it was a lot of fun. But I was on very long trips so didn’t mind waiting around until the action started.

Last year in NY I watched some filming for Eat, Pray, Love with Julia Roberts. The filming I saw was in Brooklyn, very close to my apartment.

Movie premieres are another option for seeing celebs. Often you can actually buy tickets to premieres or you can hang out at the red carpet and watch people arrive. Definitely a fun experience and premieres usually involve less waiting around than trying to watch filming since the red carpet arrivals will be shortly before the start time of the movie.

I saw Meryl Streep arrive for the Julie and Julia movie. Other celebs who were there and did the red carpet included Anthony Bourdain and Martha Stewart.

I also saw Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt a few years back at the premiere of one of Angelina’s movies.

Sometimes I’ve just stumbled on filming e.g. was in central park and walked into filming for the TV show Gossip Girl.

If you’re in NYC and see big white trucks, they’ll often be production company trucks and you’ll know that filming is happening. Or, you’ll see production company parking permit signs stuck up along the street (usually A4ish), often stuck near parking meters.

If you know a particular movie/TV show is filming in the city you’re in try using the Twitter search function to find additional info.

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