Do Digital Nomads Get Culture Shock?

We were a bit miserable our first few days in Mexico and I just wasn’t sure why. Sure, we were rained in for basically a 24 hour period but that didn’t seem to be enough to cause the problem. Finally as we started to feel better, I realized I’d just had a bit of culture shock. It’s a bit embarrassing to admit because we’re in touristy part of Mexico for gawd’s sakes. What sort of travel wimps are we?

The weather has improved, we’ve figured out the supermarket and settled in a bit.

Another issue was that it took me a few days to detox from 6 months eating vegan cheese and vegan desserts daily.

The first few days here I felt like I was on a cleanse or something. It was pretty hard to go from eating vegan cheese, vegan squeezy cream, and vegan cupcakes to being back to pretty much just eating vegetables! In America, I find it hard not to overeat. Other places, where there aren’t vegan convenience foods, it can be hard to enough food when you’re vegan, literally only eating vegetables (corn tortillas and toppings) and not a fan of things like smoothies to drink calories. Now I’m virtually inhaling guacamole and refried beans and feeling better for that extra fat and calories.

We’re also facing a lot of decisions currently. Kathryn is missing being a doctor and doing short term work as doctor anywhere but home is a logistical nightmare because of licensing and insurance issues. For me, the clock is running down on my fertility and I want to start trying for a baby, which as a same-sex couple is easier said than done!

So, yes, these digital nomads get culture shock too! When that culture shock collides with lots of big life decisions needing to be made, it can make for quite a bit of anxiety!

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