10 Best Things About Coming Home

Coming home from a long trip and going back to work sucks. But, it’s not all bad. Here’s my list of the 10 best things about coming home from travel. What would be different on your list?

10. Easy access to a washing machine. No hand washing undies and t-shirts in the sink!

9. Chillin with my Mom. Being away always makes me more grateful for living close and time together.

8.  Not having to worry about airline luggage limits or cramming things into a suitcase any time soon.

7. I’m usually hugely productive in the two weeks after I get back.

6.  Lighter food.  Restaurants use a lot more oil and bigger portions than what I’d serve at home. I’m usually craving simple meals like pasta and sauce when I get home.

5. Going to the library. I often come across books I’m interested in reading on my travels but don’t want to spend too much time reading while travelling. It’s also nice to feel like I’m getting a teany bit of value out of my tax dollars.

4. Attempting to replicate recipes for food consumed with travelling at home (usually desserts!).

3. Catching up on TV missed while away. I like watching multiple episodes at once.

2. Taking less time to get ready in the morning because it’s not being done out of a suitcase and travel toiletry bag.

1.  My car! No more public transport.

It’s hard to stay positive when you come back to reality after a long time away. So, would love to hear anything other people are grateful for when they return home. Leave a comment here or on FB!


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