A case of itchy feet? Here’s how to fund your travel dreams

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Most people have at least one travel-related entry on their personal bucket list, and it’s often somewhere quite exotic, and therefore an expensive destination. On the other hand, many people have several wanderlust entries, or perhaps even a desire to travel the world and see some diverse and far-flung places on one massive expedition.

However your travel bucket list takes shape you are going to need to find ways to fund it to make your dream a reality. That it, assuming you are not already flush with cash.

Well, never fear, check out these ideas on how to save cash for travel, making your bucket list less pie in the sky, and more reality come true.

De-clutter your life
Do you have a wardrobe full of clothes you never wear? Are your cabinets full of junk? If so, it’s time to sort out the rubbish in your life and see if you can, well, redistribute it to someone who is likely to give you cash in return! EBay is a fantastic way to raise a little cash and get rid of your junk at the same time, as well as being a way to reach a larger audience than you would in your local community. This of course all has the added perk of basically getting rid of the things in your house that are taking up precious room, whilst giving you cash in return. An alternative idea is having a yard sale. Having done it I can tell you it is a very liberating experience to get rid of years of accumulated but unused possessions and junk. Whatever you make from your de-cluttering mission, make sure you put it to one side for your travel adventures.

Find yourself a part-time job
If you work Monday to Friday, why not look at getting yourself a Saturday job, or an evening job a few nights per week? Sure you’ll probably be taxed a little more as it’s a second job, but you’ll still be able to put aside more of what you earn. Websites like Workfast are great ways to find casual work or a second job.

Similar to a second job, you could work online in your spare time and earn a little cash. Be careful of any red tape here, such as needing to be registered as self-employed, but this is a good way to fund your dreams without having to leave your home during those cold winter evenings. You can freelance in many different guises; perhaps writing is your passion, maybe it’s virtual assistant work you can turn your hand to, or maybe you’re fantastic at graphic design – the options are quite endless, and you could possibly even carve yourself a new career out of it.

Quit whilst you’re ahead
Do you smoke? Do you want to quit? As well as the health benefits of giving up you’ll also save quite a bit of cash by doing so? Whatever you save, calculate it and save it. At the same time, do you go out more than twice per week? Consider cutting down your social life and putting aside what you save. Nobody is saying you can’t have a life, but cutting it down to once or twice more week could mean you a) enjoy it more, and b) save cash.

Re-arrange your bills
It might be that you can save some cash every month by switching your utility bill provider. We often miss out on new customer deals because we stay with the same company for so long, usually out of comfort, and this could be saved every month. On top of this, do you pay Direct Debits every month for something you no longer use? For instance, are you paying for gym membership and you never go? Check whether you’re able to end your contract, and if so, save yourself some cash.

High interest saving accounts
When you are paid every month, set up a Direct Debit and have a certain amount of your pay transferred into a high interest savings account. Make sure the amount you settle on is realistic, allowing you to pay your bills and have a life, but whatever you do have transferred, don’t touch it under any circumstances! Allow the interest to build, and you will find you had much more than you realised.

Look at downscaling your life
Do you have a car you never use? Can you cycle instead? Do you pay for endless public transport when you could walk? Look at downsizing a little, perhaps go for a pay as you go mobile phone instead of a contract, that kind of thing. Basically look at what you pay out every month and see where you can tweak and downsize a little.

Keep a focus
Perhaps the most important thing to mention is that when saving for a travel dream, you need to keep focused on what it is you’re saving for. Nobody said it would be easy, but they certainly said it would be worth it!

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