Business Travel Essentials


When you’re traveling on business your priorities are going to be a little bit different than for holiday travel.

Quiet accommodation

When you’re in an unfamiliar city, booking accommodation can involve a bit of pot lock unless you do a little research. You’ll want to check reviews for any hint that the hotel you’re considering is noisy or unhygienic. A chain hotel can be a good option if you want to be sure your room is going to be sound proofed and that you’ll have a desk and lightening suitable for getting work done. You’ll also want to know that it’s the type of place where any issues and requests are handled promptly and reliably by the staff. No hotel is going to always be problem free but it makes a big difference to know that problems will be rectified without a fuss.

Reliable wifi

When researching accommodation, it can seem like no hotel has 100% positive reviews. Increasingly we’d rather bring our own internet rather than rely on the hotel connection. This is because we’ve had so many issues with log in screens refusing to pop up and connections dropping out or being too slow for Skype.

Time saving.

When you’re business expensing your costs you can afford to choose options that save you time but cost a little extra. For example, a cab to and from the airport rather than taking public transportation.

No red eyes.

Red eye flights and business travel don’t mix for us. We don’t want to arrive super early and risk not being able to check in for hours, nor do we want to get up at the crack of dawn to get to the airport. We are quite good at working while in transit and prefer to keep our sleep schedule as consistent as possible. We’re not good at working while tired. This is when we’ll blow off work or end up making silly mistakes like leaving things behind when we check out.

Trip research.

When you do trip research, look up info that’s orientated towards business travellers rather than backpackers. If you’re travelling with colleagues, look for recommendations for bars and restaurants that will make for nice meals. Look for places that have the level of service that you’re after and will be quiet enough for conversation.

Personalized tours.

If you have time off, you might look into a personalized guided tour rather than a public tour. For a small group, these can be as cost effective as a public tour and can be exactly tailored to your schedule and interests. Don’t be afraid to negotiate what you want or to ask about personalized tours even if they’re not explicitly offered. You might choose a general city tour or be interested in something more niche like a food tour. Within the category of food tours you could niche down even further to something like a pizza tour. Think about what the members of your group are likely to find fun and relaxing.

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