Jojo from Vegan in Brighton, UK. Ask a Local Vegan – Interview Series

This is an vegan interview series in which I ask vegans who live in Europe to give us both (1) vegan travel tips, and (2) all the local insider info that a vegan traveler would need for visiting or moving to their city/country.

Fried deliciousness from Gopal
[photo: WaiKikaMooKau Vegan Breakfast, Brighton, UK]

1. Tell us about your blog, who you are, and your travel style?

Hi! I’m Jojo and I blog at I blog about food both in my city
and everywhere I travel to. I also run Operation Icing, my not-for-profit vegan bakery, from
my home to raise money for animal charities.

I don’t know if I have a travel style as such, I think I’m quite an adaptable traveller. I enjoy
traveling with just a backpack, staying in hostels or on someones couch, but I’m equally
comfortable in a nice hotel, villa or apartment. My husband recently got over his fear of
flying so we’re traveling a lot at the moment – we have some serious catching up to do.

2. Of the trips you’ve done in Europe, what was your favorite city for vegan food?

Wow, that’s a hard one! Europe is so varied and I’ve eaten at so many great places. I
thiiiink I’d have to say Barcelona although Berlin and Vienna are close runners up. There’s
so much variation in Barcelona, you can get everything from brilliantly greasy fried food to
wonderfully healthy and delicious salads as well as everything in between.

fried deliciousness Gopal Barcelona
[photo: fried deliciousness from Gopal – from Jojo’s recent trip to Barcelona!]

Another great plus for Barcelona is that the prices are super reasonable, everywhere I ate
on my trip seemed really cheap and so many places had wonderful meal deals where you
could get three courses, bread and a beer for around €9!

cheap set menu
[photo: cheap set menu]

I recently wrote a three part guide to where to eat in Barcelona on my blog and a few of my
favourites were Gopal, Juicy Jones & Cat Bar. Barcelona also has some of the best vegan
desserts I’ve ever eaten, beautiful cakes and delicious donuts!

3. What’s the best vegan cake or desert you’ve ever eaten?

Yet another toughie! Can I do a top three? In no particular order…

Lujuria Vegana cakes from Gopal in Barcelona. Their cakes were off the hook!

Lujuria Vegana Chocolate Cake Gopal Barcelona
[photo: Lujuria Vegana Chocolate Cake]

Lemon Meringue Pie from Veggie Galaxy in Cambridge, MA. It was just perfect, lemon
meringue pie was my favourite pre-vegan dessert and this was spot on. I ate three huge
slices in about a day & a half.

The Chocolate Brownie from the Capital City Bakery food cart in Austin, TX. I’ve been
searching for the perfect brownie for ages & this is it. Everything Kristen makes is amazing
and Austin is a must visit destination for vegans.

Capital City Bakery food cart Austin, TX
[photo: Capital City Bakery Brownie & Cupcake]

4. If US vegans are coming to England and have access to cooking facilities, which
prepared foods would you recommend they try e.g., awesome vegan cheese, vegan
sausages etc.

There are so many great products in the UK. Vegusto’s cheeses are becoming more
widely available and I’d go as far as to say that they’re a must eat. It’s perfect on crackers
and you only need a small amount to make a really flavorful cheese sauce. My favouite is
their No-Moo Piquant.

I also think that Redwood Foods have come a long way with their mock meat products
recently. Their mock duck and fishless fish steaks are the two products I keep coming back
to, they’re so great. If you get the chance to visit Brighton you must eat at Moshimo where
you can get a Vegan Kamo Duck Teriyaki made with the Redwood mock duck, it’s

5. If a vegan is relocating to the UK, how do you recommend keeping food costs down?
e.g., where do you buy your fruit and veg, do you order any vegan-specific items from
online stores?

I might not be the right person to ask this question to, I’m terrible at sticking to my monthly
food budget! I think the usual money saving tips that are relevant in the US apply here too,
dried beans, cheap grains, veggies, keep it simple. It’s easy to get carried away with
pricier meat and cheese subs! I split my food shopping between my local food co-op and a
couple of supermarkets. I don’t order much online apart from Vital Wheat Gluten from
veganstore and Clif bars from Iherb whose shipping rates to the UK are really reasonable
if you keep the weight down. I find the lack of bulk buying options and farmers markets in
the UK quite sad though. Farmers markets definitely exist but they’re more rare here than
in the US, I dream of visiting a Californian farmers market one day.

6. What’s your favorite vegan dish at a Brighton restaurant (doesn’t need to be fancy at all. Could even be takeout.)

If you’re visiting Brighton you have to get a Full English Breakfast somewhere. Every
Brighton vegan has a different favourite and mine can be found at Infinity Cafe or
WaiKikaMooKau (pictured top of article).

Infinity Cafe Brighton Vegan breakfast
[photo: Infinity Cafe Breakfast]

I also love both Terre a Terre and Moshimo for slightly fancier dining and Boho Gelato’s
inventively flavored sorbets are not to be missed.

Jojo’s Bio:
Twitter @veganinbrighton
Not-for-profit Cupcakes

Want to be interviewed?

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    Yummy interview and photos! As a Bostonian, I’m also thrilled to see a Cambridge, MA favorite on the list :)

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    My girlfriends and I in Seville are partial to getting together every month to catch up, but we can never, ever do it out! Two of us are vegans, and in a meat-loving country where everything is fried, it’s tough! We don’ have the options that Barcelona or Madrid have, so we take to making everything. If I didn’t come from the Midwest, weaned on beef and pork, I think I could turn vegetarian easily!

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    So nice to see vegan food that is cuisine on it’s own, and not just “replacement for meat & dairy”. That’s when it’s worth eating :)

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    If either of your vegan friends would like to do this interview series, I would love to have them participate! Thanks for the comment :)

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    Thanks for commenting Larissa. Hope life is treating you well.

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    Thanks for commenting Lillie :)

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    Those pictures make the food look really great! I’m not a vegan and so I always assumed the food would be somehow “lacking”, but it seems like lots of restaurants are really embracing the concept and running with it, which is fantastic to see.

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    I cut out red meat from my diet a few months ago, and while the though of going full on vegetarian or vegan scares me, this doesn’t look half bad!:)

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    We are not vegans ourselves but one of the tastiest, and cheapest, restaurants we found in Oslo was a Vegan. Soooo good!

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    As a relatively new resident in Brighton it’s great to see that I’ve already discovered some of these great Vegan places to eat (I LOOOVE the WaiKikaMooKau mini breakfast! I’ve yet to try Moshimo, in fact I’ve never even eaten Japanese food so that’s topping my to do list now. I really enjoy reading Jojos blog and will get round to buying some of those cupcakes soon!

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    Thanks for stopping by to comment Charlotte!

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