Booking Sale Fares Open Jaw – Flights

Lets say you live in Los Angeles and are planning a trip around the East Coast of Australia, starting in Brisbane and making your way to Melbourne.

Sale fares are available to Brisbane return and to Melbourne return.

Do you you need to backtrack?

Generally not.

You can usually book even sale fares as open jaw tickets.

1. LAX to Brisbane
2. make you own way from Brisbane to Melbourne
3. Melbourne to LAX

Sometimes call centre agents might give you misinformation about whether this is allowed or not.

The cost should be
50% of the LAX-Brisbane return fare
50% of the LAX_Melbourne return fare.

Extra tip: The Qantas website should give you the correct pricing for this if you click “multistop – international” on the homepage and on the next screen make sure the “form” tab rather than the “map” tab is selected.

The other option you should of course check is your stopover options e.g. LAX to Perth return with a stopover in Sydney.

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