Beyond Museums & Monuments: Broadening Your Ideas of What You Could Do On Your Trip

I’ve largely lost interest in monuments and museums these days.

I’ve been to most of the museums that were on my “must see” list. And while I feel extremely lucky to have had those opportunities, now I do far fewer tourist activities and far more activities that reflect my personal interests.


The author of this book
Apartment Therapy: The Eight Step Home Cure
Apartment Therapy

runs a monthly design meetup in New York City (its free to attend).

At each meetup there is usually a guest who Maxwell interviews about their career and business (typically the owner of an established design-related company).

The other component is that one person is given the opportunity to ask the crowd for design suggestions about a problem room of their apartment. Many of the people who attend the meetups have design training so the suggestions are often awesome.

I’ve never met anyone there who doesn’t live in NY and the location is an amazing building that tourists wouldn’t normally have access to (its actually the building where Google has its New York office. Google occupy several floors of the building).

Meeting People Who Share at Least One of Your Personal Interests/Passions

A big advantage of the approach above is that I end up meeting people who I have more in common with than is typical of random travel connections. This tends to lead to fascinating conversations, great insider info about the city I’m traveling in that’s a good fit with my interests, and a more personally meaningful trip.

Can you think of ways of exploring your personal interests on your travels that might make your trip more fun?

Experienced travelers – What have you already done along these lines?

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